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Dev Blog – A Re-Introduction

Its time for a an introduction or more correctly, a re-introduction, to what Altear is. To do that thoroughly I’ll need to discuss the inspirations behind the world, and what led to its creation. So without further adieu, its time to jump back in time to when I was just coming back from my trip abroad. I spent a summer in Ireland, where I learned not only about Gaelic, but also extensively about... read more

Monsters and Troops – Dev Blog

Welcome to the latest Dev Blog! This one is about the additions of the Bestiary and the Armory. Both are mini databases (in the case of the Bestiary not so mini) of information dealing with character and creature types found within Altear. The Armory was a last minute addition made to help with the upcoming changes to the game including Houses which will introduce a few things that allow for war in the... read more

Altear Ethnic Groups (Subraces) – Dev Blog

Hey guys time for another bloody dev blog! This one is about a subject that can be really be called subraces for those who aren’t super into anthropology, and ethnic groups for those who are So let me begin. This Dev Blog (still strange that I have a Dev Blog) will be about the various groups you can find throughout Altear. Sometimes these groups will fall under a given territory like the Holds of... read more

Houses and Fiefs – Dev Blog

What in the world is this? A Dev Blog? Yup this is a Dev Blog! This is the first Dev Blog that will discuss the upcoming changes which will be instituted in the new expansion, Altear: Weavers of Fate! Yeah kind of a spiffy name right? Well, one of the changes that will be occurring in the near future. One of the changes is something that has been talked about all week, but is also part of a long standing... read more

A Treatise on the Sidhe Languages!

“Whatch ye doin there boyo? I be hearin yer bout to go down ta the old docks? Really? Well, best be takin’ yer sword cuz I here dem’ Dock Barons dun like ye much.”   The Sidhe are a strange quizzical race, who have four known spoken languages, and a variety of dialects. They all however share a key few features for those wanting to spice up their roleplay. So without further... read more