Open Beta Begins!

“Fortune shall be made by the blood of those who wait.”

Art by by =alnour

Hello Children of Altear. It is time to announce the official open beta period of Altear! We have just started and now it is time to open our doors to more testers! For this reason we have done a little revamping and a few things have changed. Let us cover them:

  • Our new Character Creation page has replaced the Starting Guide! (Updated with new links!)
  • We added the Contact page a while back a good thing to check out!


So join the madness and the race for the High Throne today!


Lore Blogs

These lore blogs will become weekly to bi-weekly posts on the lore of Altear. These will include bits on the languages of the Sidhe, the ways of the Clanns and also indepth bits on the culture of each province!


Constructed Languages

We have started work on some fantasy languages for Altear the first is Elder Tongue! This conlang or constructed language will be fully for optional use by players within the next few week sin the May lore patch!

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