Patch 0.3 Released!

“The Aesir are coming lad, and they are coming with their Iron.”

Hey everyone! After the beta period has progressed we’ve worked on a few things to better Roleplay and open up new opportunities for members here on Altear!

Updates to the Aesir


Updates to the Sidhe

  • New information on the organization of academies!
  • New information on the lands of the dead and how the Sidhe see the world of Spirits.
  • Added rituals on naming day and age rituals.
  • The weaknesses for Iron for the Sidhe are now fully explained!


Changes to Draiocht

  • New Unshaped Level of magic which allows non-magical Sidhe to sense the usage of magic to a certain degree!
  • The Amateur Level of magic for those without official teaching!
  • Rules on how to create incantations and apply magic to weapons or artifacts in general.
  • A list of example combinations of magics!


Racial Updates

  • Newly added Tiberian Race.
  • Basic Society, Appearance, Political, Naming Conventions etc are now on each unplayable race.


Updates to Warfare and Technology

  • Added notes on naval combat and general tactics in naval combat. Ships are noted as VERY expensive.
  • Added new materials for weapons and armour: Copper for cheap weapons, Black Bronze for low quality Iron metals, Tin Iron for medium quality Iron, and Sky Iron for high purity.
  • Added a full list of weapon skills and weapon skill levels with examples!
  • Added notes on basic bow making materials.


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