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Hey guys time for another bloody dev blog! This one is about a subject that can be really be called subraces for those who aren’t super into anthropology, and ethnic groups for those who are :D So let me begin. This Dev Blog (still strange that I have a Dev Blog) will be about the various groups you can find throughout Altear. Sometimes these groups will fall under a given territory like the Holds of Norland. In Norland there is generally one sort of person per region. However, there could be subgroups, those who live in a territory and identify themselves as separate. For example, in the history of the country of Norland there was a tribe known as the Volsung and another known as the Tyrings. Both Aetts didn’t identify themselves by either by any specific land. In fact they dwell within a set cross border area of counties found within Vanaland and Svartalfland.

There are also the Huldavolk who are an Aesir people living on the independent Kingdom of Huldaland outside of the Holds. Both of these groups (note the Volsungar are basically dead, Tyrings are up and around) do not necessarily consider themselves on a given land. They are neither Vanalanders nor Alflanders. These groups hold their own ties and even some (such as the Huldavolk) aren’t even “Norlanders”. This is an issue of subrace that we’ll see actively in the lands of Altear. Sure, there are over arching racial groups, but some of these minor groups don’t really get along (some just want to behead each other).

Art by GaiasAngel


What sets them apart?

What sets a Huldavolk from an Alflander or a Svartalfander? What sets the Tyringar from the rest? Well, lets learn a bit about the Huldavolk, also known as Huldalanders the volk of the far away island are tricksy, powerful magic users, and follow the legendary Ice Queens of the North. Many years ago they were almost rewed back into the Holds of Norland when Sigurd of the Volsungar tried to marry their lovely queen Brunhilde. This went horribly wrong and ever since the Huldavolk have usually been friendly, but independent from the rest of Norland. In general they are Aesir, physically they do have some differences. First, their women are taller than the men, and they tend to have an affinity for rune magic. The powr of Dreyari (rune magic) is only really practice among the Skalds and priests in Norland. Out in Huldaland, Deryari is much more common and has actually been used to identify members of the Holder Class. Powerful Houses born from the blood of the female Ice Queens of old vie for the Throne of Snow that sits in the ancient city of Silfrstad.

So as you can see these guys are AESIR, but they are their own people. Now lets delve into Cels to really dig into the concept of subrace.


Sidhe Subraces

The Sidhe can be split into a few different subraces each with their own tribes and general culture. Some are provincially based while others are regionally based:

  • The Coil-Folk- A war like folk that have dwelt in the Great Coill for well over a Thousand Years. They are master warriors, battle tacticians and in general favor women in rule. Their men are known for being tenacious, moody and vindictive. Within the Coill violence is a way of life, they sometimes call themselves the War Children.
  • The Crafter-Folk  - These are the denizens that formed up Clann Fox and became the central smiths of the land of Cels. Crafters tend to favor metallic skin shades and are artfully gifted.
  • The Inish-Folk – Master mariners and highly independent folk, the people of Manann are often simply called the Inish-Folk. They are masters at ship craft and have been known to work with elements of the criminal parts of Cels and outside races to get what they want for self-rule.
  • The High Cymri – A folk said to dwell upon a fallen island found just south of Cymru, they are sometimes called Tartessians or Atlanteans. The High Cymri speak a strange language not of Cels and generally favor olive complexions with dark hair.
  • The Hill Cymri – The descendants of Cymru’s inner Clanns, the Hill Cymri are what make up Clann Eagle, and the Ua Brigid, Flidais and Lugh peoples. They are a stout people known for their honor, and their internal feuding.
  • The Kernowyon – The folk of Kernow are united in many ideas including the Hawthorn Circle, and the Seleigh Court. They are often split between the hill dwelling Elk peoples and the coastal dwellers. However, there is only a singular Kernowyon identity.
  • The High Albans – Those mostly descended from the ancient Sea God line of Lir, the High Albans are the folk that dwell along the craggy coast and moors of Alba. Clann Sea Dragan is their primary adherent and they have a tendency for blood purity.
  • The Moor-Folk – The Moor Dwellers are not considered true Albans by those of the upper parts of the country and are often seen as untrust worthy. Several mistakes during the Great Clann War saw their representative, Clann Wolf, fall from power. They are known for being a stout people skilled in magic, keepers of the Unseleigh Court, and the Old Guard Religion.
  • The Wild-Folk – Also known as the Bear peoples they are said to dwell in the misty valleys in Souther Prydain, sometimes called Picti for their rumored painted skins.
  • The Mountain-Folk – Friends of the Dwarves and skilled politicians. They are said to dwell in an independent Duchy in northern Prydain.

Art by Backseat-Instigator


Notice how many actual existing subraces of Sidhe there are? A LOT! Right? Those were all put in there including some from the -Lost Clanns- that aren’t really active in the game right now. I wanted to give you guys an idea of how expansive Altear is and HOW MANY different types of Sidhe you can make. Effectively the Sidhe are the ELVES Altear, and instead of having humans we have an elvish crowd that has Houses and Clanns. A people that has a tendency to war among itself!

But you are probably wondering, why is this actually important? Remember how back in the House and Fief blog? Tribal politics and those of a subrace will matter a lot in the creation of a House! A High Alban House will see the world differently than a House from Kernow. Think of it this way, Ironborn do not kill Ironborn right? Look at Westeros each part is different there are different folk everywhere. Look at Middle-Earth there are many forms of Elf and each has their own history and lore to delve into :D Think of it as way to not only dig into the lore itself, but to give you a variety of reasons for not liking people, for creating conflict, or just having fun making up a House.


Explore Races, and Explore Culture

Each race offers a different culture and ideal to it. Not only are there differences in the racial groups found within the peoples of Altear, there are also religious, philosophical, and even class differences. The High Albans for example are PURE BLOOD followers. To them only those of a pure blood tribal line are worthy much. They are a deeply religious folk who see themselves as above normal Sidhe and often see the ways of other groups as lesser or uncouth. The Hill Cymri are defiant and upstarts that want their homeland back. They will have different motivations than the tribes from the Great Coill who are far more likely to war amongst themselves than get along with everyone.

Each race offers a new avenue, just as much as each subrace offers a new view on what that race can be.



Yeah, I know there is A LOT OF LORE for Altear, and we’re sorry if its a bit overwhelming to newcomers. One thing you will get from this though is that there are thousands of characters you can create. This is lore that you can really sink your teeth into! At the same time we understand again that there is a lot so it can kind of hit people in the pace with a brick. Because of this as we edge closer to Weaves of Fate we’ll we updating the front page to make it a lot more user friendly. Part of this was the addition of awesome pictures (ALL CREDITED) to give a greater sense of the world, while also breaking up those blocks of text.

If you need help on lore check out Garnett’s Starter Guide!

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