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Welcome to the latest Dev Blog! This one is about the additions of the Bestiary and the Armory. Both are mini databases (in the case of the Bestiary not so mini) of information dealing with character and creature types found within Altear. The Armory was a last minute addition made to help with the upcoming changes to the game including Houses which will introduce a few things that allow for war in the game itself. However, before really touching upon that I want to discuss the reasoning and logic behind actually having a bestiary in the game.


Art by Skia


Something scary this way comes…

Altear is a fantasy world that has creatures straight out of myth and legend. Ever since the original game known as the “Sundered Way” we have had a goal of including creatures such as the Kelpie (near dead water man eating horse creature), the Nuckalevee (skinless centaur cyclops thing), and other creatures. As the plans for the bestiary began to evolve we added several categories of creature to give a unique flavor and feel for the world itself. First I will say we do have some of the typical fantasy fair such as Dragons (we call them Dragan), and we do have big scary giants to some degree and goblins. However, many of these creatures are different in some respects. Dragons are incredibly rare, feared creatures that must be killed by highly organized armies. They are also only created when bits of cursed treasure cause a normal person to mutate into one. This is based off the infamous Fafnir of the Volsung Saga. Goblins in our game are slight dark skinned little people that dislike other Fae (what we call the races of Altear collectively) and are a tribe of other creatures called hobs.

In general Altear is not about heroes fighting monsters and more of monsters eating the weary and being an obstacle. The Dragons of Game of Thrones were used as weapons of war, just as the dark magics of Melisandre were used to kill people. Things are dark in Altear, and when you walk into the woods there is the real world possibility that you are going to get eaten!


The Fantastical

Another aspect of our monster design is we simply wanted to have a world that felt familiar and yet Alien. In the case of our undead (which we call Wakened) we have spirits of the lands of the dead that actively hunt and kill other undead. Some of our Undead spread via disease like zombies, but rise as terrible shape changing spirits that devour blood and souls (think vampires on steroids). These are not common occurrences however. Monsters are not all just there, they are a threat under the surface that at random can appear. But not all of these creatures are monsters. Some are merely strange creatures such as the magical Hounds which are our equivalent of dogs. Hounds are faerie canines bred for various reasons and are much more robust and stronger than typical dogs. Sidhe do not have pet cats as much as they have pet elemental foxes (Cadno) or small leopards we call Pards.

There are also strange aspects of biology like mammoths, cave bears, or even bone crushers (based on now extinct bone eating canines) that run across Altear. Some creatures got new bents (such as unicorns have toxic blood and being goat sized). The point of this was not to be special, but to give a fresh feeling on common tropes :3


Witches and Cursed

The next part of the bestiary is the inclusion of what we call Cursed and Witches. Both are extensions of character types and result from either being infected or cursed into a new form. These are rare occurrences in the story and are the result of someone finding a cursed object or being turned by an NPC (or later) player witch. We are adding this aspect to the game to provide a sense of not only dread, but lost. To some of you who might be curious yes this means body horror is official joining the Altear cast of frightful things that devour your sanity! >:3 This also does mean that Altear will be featuring -Witch Hunters- as a character type in the future. So keep an eye out as horror joins the game of thrones in our little universe!


The Armory

Lets now talk a bit about a last minute addition to the upcoming expansion, and that is the armory. This is not a totally new section of lore as it is an expansion of existing lore. The Armory is a new index of information on troops, warfare, and magical weapons which is being added to the warfare and technology section of Altear itself. With the advent of the “House System” I thought it was high time we broach how players can go to war, claim territory and in general manage their armies. We did not want however to ingest a lot of stats so we opted for something a bit simpler. The Armory will provide the following for those interested in its usage (its completely optional).

  • It provides the basics of organizing an army and the foundation troops of the actual army itself. Another thing it does is create a basic break down of what kind of armies you can expect and lays some ground rules for Roleplaying out warfare in Altear itself.
  • The Troop index is a soft limit on troop type and we encourage nobility and faction leading characters to be creative. Consider the Troop Index found within the Armory to be your bread and butter, what you do with it and if you add jam is up to you!
  • Finally the Armory contains the Magical Item Index, a list of the currently known powerful artifacts of lore found throughout Altear.


Art by LeValeur


Why do this?

Besides giving a list of active magical weapons that do not follow the current magic systems? This is a good way for us to provide those who want to seize power by military force with a means of doing so. The purpose behind the Armory in part is to give people an idea of what kind of limitations they can expect when committing themselves to declaring rebellion or when they want to lead a their host into battle. Lords who rule provinces can for example (should be common sense) summon a grander army than those who rule a town. This doesn’t meant that town lords are weaker, only that they have fewer bodies to call upon. In the long run this will give a greater sense of how people, lord or bandit war lord can alter the destiny of Altear.

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