Dev Blog – The Primordials

Altear is an ancient world with a history dating back well over a thousand years (note you as a player do not at all -have to know any of this history-), starting in the Gold or Golden Age to the modern or Heroic Age.


The Four Who  Were

In the beginning of Altear there were was nothing. The nothing was a true lack of possibility and material. However, as the immaterial aged it began to move and soon a flicker of light occurred and two group realms came to life. The First was Niflheim, the land of Ice; and then there was Muspellheim, the land of Fire. From the two group lands awakened the sun, the stars and the land in between. Along them were made the first of minds and beings in the cosmos, the Primordials. The Primordials are the oldest entities in Altear, and have existed since time in memorial. The very idea of aging is not something they can comprehend as they are most godlike entities to every walk the Nine Worlds.


Lord Fire

Lord Fire was the ruler of Muspellheim and is considered the direct father of all races in Altear. He was known as the Father of Stone and the King of the Depths. The heat that exudes from Lord Fire’s namesake is the flame of life and creation. In the history of Altear the Father of Stone represents long-lasting creativity and endurance. His will is that of the great mountain and the silent forest. When Lord Fire went to war with Lady Ice he bled divine metallic blood across Altear that would become the substance, SkyIron.


Lady Ice

Born from the icy realm of Niflheim, Lady Ice was the Mother of Seas and the Queen of the Everlasting Sky. Formed from crystalline ice and rock, the great primordial wield the power of creation and represents life creation. A fierce warrior she fought long and hard against her against her beloved to then perish in his arms. Lady Ice’s will is that of the deep sea and the frozen tundra. Her ice is what gave birth to the race of Titans and it was her waters that still provide great knowledge at a well near the World Tree.


Lady Fate

Fate is one of the younger Primordials and one of the two still a live. She is the mother of Destiny and the Queen of Time itself. Her daughters the Norns oversee the World Tree, and it is her sworn handmaidens, the Furies, that guard it.



The Father of Entropy and the King of Ends. Abyss was once known as “Maker” and jealously desired the passion that Lord Fire and Lady Ice possessed. He struck a deal with an entity from the places between the Nine Worlds known as the OuterWays. From this power he was able to cause the death of the eldest of Primordials and still plagues Altear to this day.


The Rule of Ice and Fire

All Gods, Titans and Fae descend from Lady and Lord FIre. This descent has given rise age after age in Altear’s history to what is simply called the Rule of Ice and Fire. This “right of rule” has been the “divinely” claimed directive for most rulers stemming back thousands of years. During the second age of Altear (the Silver Age) the children of Lord Fire and Lady Ice, the Titans, would assert their right to conquer the world via their lineage. It was under High King Oberon (also known as Ymir) that the four Great Cities of Fate would arise:

  • Findias - City of the West and home to the Tuatha De Danann, ruled by High Marshal Nuada.
  • Falias - City of the East, and home to High Marshal Marduk and his brother Ashur.
  • Gorias - City of the South, ruled by High Marshal Hubal (known also as Ibalis).
  • Murias - City of the North, and ruled by High Marshal Perun.


Even when the Great Cities would fall during the Giants War two thousand years later, the right of rule via divine blood would still come to assert itself. Even racial focus on “pure blood” can somehow fall back upon the Rule of Ice and Fire.

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