World Lore

Altear is the fabled “Otherworld” of legend and myth. Forged from the reaction of the primal elements of ice and fire, it is home to many races who mirror the ancient human civilizations of antiquity. In Altear the sword is law, and magics are frequent, violent and riddled with strange reactions and abilities.

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The World Setting



The Lands of Altear are split into four major regions with two continents and subcontinents.

  • Everyn – Western Continent and mostly influenced by human Pan-European civilization.
  • Serakim – Western Subcontinent and mostly influenced by Arabic, Persian, and Indian civilization.
  • Ishua – Eastern Continent and mostly influenced by Pan-Asian Civilization
  • Junghal – Eastern Subcontinent and mostly influenced by Southeast Asian, African, and Polynesian civlization.


Every region and land of Altear is unique in of itself. Magic differs and so does the society that wields it. The motivations and politics of each respective nation and race are often radically differ based upon the centuries of history they all share.