Dishonored Folk

The code of honor held within the lands of Norland is strict and unyielding. In many cases it is applied differently depending upon the hold that a person dwells in. In Jotunland the honor of an individual is the most important thing to a man or woman. In Vanaland money and blood status matter more than honor. In Alfland the story you create is more honorable than your actions in reality.

Over time as the Holds have existed a sort of underclass or outcasted grouping of peoples has appeared in lands of the north. These peoples are made up of the worst of outlaws, the lowliest of thieves, and the slavers. Each group has its own subculture to a point, and its own sense of identity.

Art by daRoz


The Undermarket

A wandering gathering of smugglers, thieves, and assassins; the undermarket ist he black market of Norland. Not as highly organized or as dangerous as the black markets of the south it still is a place where contraband substances and items can be purchased.


Thief and Outlaw Bands

Each grouping of the Underhold is known as a band, a sort of twisted reference to the warband construction of the brotherhoods. Each band is led by a Chief is an is usually made up of thieves or the lowliest of outcasted Outlaws. Skorgamathr are the worst as they are to be killed on sight as lesser Outlaws usually have a chance at life.


The Life of Thieves

“From the Shadows I come.”

Thieves are the lowliest of common criminals found within the Holds. To be a thief is to intentionally steal in silence and with deception. They are separated from burglars who steal in the light of day and do in a manner that would possibly let the victim prevent it. Thieves take without honor and in general are seen with utter disdain for their acts. some might revel in the skill of deception, but in Aesir culture deception is a form of lying; yet another form of dishonor. Thieves often group together in their own bands as a means of defense and to gain greater glory and plunder.

Art by nJoo


The Life of Outlaws

“Fuck honor.”

Outlaws are split into varying levels of exile and those who live outright outside of the law. Those who travel with a price on their head and can be killed without consequence, they are the Skorgamathr. Outlaws in general are exiles who cannot return to a specific land or location. Skorgamathr however are completely outside the law where they lose human rights and cannot even claim murder on their dead corpses. To become skorgamathr a person must have committed a severely heinous crime such as several murders, assassination, high treason, or formenting rebellion or mutiny.

The life of an outlaw is not easy. If your eturn to the place of your exile you can be tortured or even killed. Imprisonment means little to men who have no home or women who have been cast out as nothing. perhaps the most lenient form of outlaw is exile from one’s home country. Even though the person can never return, they are still allowed to live.

Some Outlaws become bandits and rove the lands of the Holds and outside. These individuals are often killed on sight and little remorse is given to them. Unlike the raiders of the Holds or the Ætts Outlaws do not pay blood price nor do they get the right of it.

Art by FStitz


The Life of Slavers

“Bed-mates, laborers, whatever you want I got!”

Slavers are not necessarily dishonored folk as much as their work generally implies a level of dishonor upon them. Some slavers buy plain and from people who are selling other slaves. Some slavers actually breed slaves and then sell them on the market. There is however a limit to which this ‘honest’ work can be considered honest. Some slavers actively go out and abduct choice young individuals for the slave trade. Others actively partake in raids and sell to the nearest auction block they can.

Slavers often travel in bands, and work under the direction of a Slave Master. These Slave Masters often have a locale in a city or a compound where they take time to train their slaves. Slaves meant for labor are sold quickly. Slaves meant for entertainment, or other jobs are taken back and gain training.

Art by Angus McBride