Newbie Guide

Welcome to Altear! If this is your first time reading this guide, do not be afraid! There is a lot to the world of Altear, but we’ve created this guide to help you find your way. Before we continue further please be aware that at all times you can contact a member of the Staff and ask for assistance. If you are unsure you can post anonymous questions in our guest friendly Help Desk. Finally there is also the Chatbox which can be found on the sidebar to your right just under the “Setting Section”! Feel free pop in there and ask questions! Our members are always willing to help and assist if you are lost or need help.

If you want to learn about the basic features of Altear take a quick look at our About page to learn more. As a game we have no word counts, we are rated as 333 (according to the and we are set in a time based on the early bronze and iron ages (think ancient greece before rome, early celtic peoples etc).

It is convenient and simple to play on casino apps online. You just need to log into your account, choose the slot you like and place a bet. All progress that will be received in the mobile version is guaranteed to be saved when switching to a PC.


1. Getting Started

Take a moment to read the following articles remember if you get overwhelmed at all take a moment and consider contacting a member of the Staff or using the Help Desk forum to ask questions!

  • Site Rules - A quick list of rules broken down into Registration (Rules for Account Names and Types), Conduct, and Roleplay. Take a moment, peruse our rules.
  • The Plot - Take a moment to glance over the plot which will give you an idea of the overarching story themes of our RPG. It also provides a basic motivation for the greater forces at work in the world, and maybe give you inspiration for where you fit in the world.
  • The Races – Take a moment to read up on the races of our universe. Take a moment and take a look at the current playable races and even some of the NPC races. This might give you an idea of the characters you want to play, please note there more to each race, but we aren’t there just yet (wait until you start your character application)!


Some Suggested Reads:

  • Overwhelmed!? Starter Guide - A great guide for those who are confused about what to do when they first come to the site. Includes a full overview including character creation, and how to roleplay in a forum setting.


Registering your OOC Account

On Altear we are what is called Account-Per-Character (APC) which means we ask everyone to make a for each character. Before we get into all the character creation though we need you to register your OOC Account. The OOC Account will be your core account and the one we refer to you by in our community.

  • Go to the Registration Page and input a game handle or username you want use to know you by.
  • Once you have your OOC Account up and ready take a moment to post in the OOC Account Sign In so the staff can sort your new account into the proper user group.


2. Creating a Character!

Its time to talk about making a character within Altear! Taking a look at all that lore though will likely overwhelm anyone! Please take a moment and carefully read through this section as we’ll break down the process for you slowly and easily! This way things won’t seem to be coming at you all at once! Please note you can skip down to Section IV if you want to know how to register and get a character application going!


Shortcuts to Consider

If you don’ want to jump on making an Original Character right off the bat then consider the following inspirations for where to start:

  • The Canon List - Is a good place to start if you want to be a mover and shaker in the plot (suggested for those who want to be active and directly move the plot).
  • The Adpotables / Character Requests - Is a place you can check out if you want to help someone out and find a pre-made character waiting to be filled out :D . Most of these characters come with connections and are a good way for newbies to get to know people in the community!


I. Choosing a Race

The first thing you will want to do is to select one of the playable races found within the Altear universe. If you have not the Races lore yet just take a quick look at the summaries below:

  • The Sidhe are a race descended from the Celtic Gods of old! Split into racially distinct clans known as Septs, the Sidhe are skilled magic users, warriors, and rulers of a vast region known as the High Kingdom.
  • The Aesir are a race descended from the Norse Gods of Asgard! They are a tall blunt folk skilled in naval navigation and are known for their fighting prowess. Their home is Norland a kingdom of ancient sorcery and bickering nobles.


II. Where is your character from?

Where in your chosen nation (Sidhe = High Kingdom, Aesir = Norland) your character from, and who do they relate too? Each Race in Altear as a group of tribes that are culturally and distinct. The Sidhe have what are called Septs which are organized into Clanns, and the Aesir have tribes known as Aetts which are native to regions called Holds.

There are ALOT of character types and subraces in Altear. If you are unsure how where to start here are some quick references to help you think:

Click Here for Quick References for Racial Groups

For Aesir:

  • Svartlanders are known as powerful magic users.
  • Vanalanders are skilled mariners and  merchants.
  • Alflanders are steadfast warriors and thrill seekers.
  • Jotunlanders are monster hunters and giant-slayers.


For Sidhe

  • Clann Fox is known for its crafters, smiths and merchants.
  • Clann Raven is known for their battle lust, passion, and their skill in war.
  • Clann Elk is known for their chivalry and skill in cavalry.
  • Clann Wolf is known for their grievances and connections to the criminal orders.
  • Clann Swann is known for being righteous and tricksy.
  • Clann Sea Dragan is known for their naval prowess and their consideration for the Old Ways.


III. What is their name?

The next step once you have a region and place in life for them figured out, its time to give them a name. Each race has a different set of naming conventions which reflect these aspects:

  • Status in Society (Class)
  • Bloodline (Who is their family or Tribe?)
  • Legitimate?  (Are they a bastard)
  • Outlaw (Have they been exiled?)


Here are the naming conventions for each race:


IV. Register the Account

The next step is to register your new Character Account by going the Registration Page and inputting the Character Name you have chosen as the username of the account. You can use the same email you did before when you registered your OOC Account! The next step you will want to do is to connect your new Character account to your OOC Account!

Here is a quick reference guide:

  • First Log onto your OOC Account!
  • Go to the User CP on your Account (either one)
  • Select the Account Switcher at the very bottom of the left hand corner menu.
  • Enter the name of your Character account into the User Section, and then type in the Password for the account. Select “Attach” and you are done! From then on you’ll have a nifty little list of names at the top. Clicking on these will change whatever account you can post as.

A more thorough means of attaching accounts can be found on our Account Switching Guide.


V. Filling out the Character Application!

Alright lets get to the next step, filling out an application! This section is where you submit a character sheet to be looked over by a member of the Staff. We do this to ensure continuity of the Altear world, and to assist people one on one with character creation! Note, we do not reject people we help them so they can improve :D

The first thing you will want to do load up the Character Application Template and then copy and past the code into a new post in the Pending Application forum.

There are a few things here that might confuse you so lets get started with a quick reference of links to help you:


-Religious Status: Is how you stand in the faith of your species. Do you stand with a given sect, worship a given god, or do you really even care?

  • The Sidhe religion is known as Danuism and is led by the Order of Druids. It is split into the conservative Old Guard, and the break away faith, the Hawthorn Circle.
  • The Aesir Faith is based on the worship of the gods known by the same name. Each god represents a different ideal and their sacred places are overseen by a mixture of priests, poets, and witchwomen.


-Political Status: Is how your character stands with the various major political alignments in their country? Or do you even care?


-The Magic Section: Is how your character stands as a magical practioner (if they are at all) and how skilled they are in various abilities.

  • Draoicht - The Magic of the Sidhe and is based around studying the ability to manipulated the magical soul known as the Anam.
  • Seidr - The magic of the Aesir and is based around preparing various means to achieve magical effects.


-The Combat Section: Is dedicated to how your character applies themselves in war, and fighting.


The next section is the Anatomy, a section which is influenced by your choice in where your character is from. Remember, each race has their own strengths and weaknesses! They also have their own means of aging!


The next section is the Personality or Mind of your character. This is a good place to list out your characters virtues, known mental skills, their general faults as a person, and basically give us an idea of who they are. The final section is History, which is basically a telling of how your character came to be who they are today! This doesn’t need to be particularly detailed, but it should cover the major events of their life. Note if you want to Rp an older character you will need to cover ore history!

For references of major events in history refer to the Timeline of the History page.


Final Things to Consider and Suggested Reads

If you are unsure about a few things consider the following reads as inspiration and assistance:


Here are some sources to consider if you need extra aspects of lore:


For those wishing to Roleplay criminals check out these reads:


VI. Approval and Beyond!

Once your application is done, post it. Make sure to tag it with the little prefix (found as a drop down BY the thread topic text box) and mark it as “Ready to Review”! If you keep it marked as “WIP” the staff aren’t going to view it until they think you are ready. Its also a good idea to make a note of the ready status via the Cbox or other means if you can! Do not forget, you can contact the staff at any time using the staff page!

The staff will view your application and do one of two things. One, they will approve it and then sort it into the Character files forum and tag your character with their racial group, or they will pend it. Pending means your character needs some changes to reach be ready for Roleplay. The staff will inform you of some changes and will even be there to help you if you get stuck! Again make direct contact if you are unsure, or ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question here! We prefer to help people rather than letting them get frustrated and just not moving forward!

Once your character is approved its time for the next step, jumping into the game!


3. The Game Itself, and What you Can Do!

Welcome to the full game player, and after all that work your character is ready to join the fray and carve their destiny in Altear itself! There are a few things you will want to consider as you proceed forward that are unrelated to the application process, but are also related to your character!


Did you choose a Play-By or Player-Base?

For those not use to the idea of using People or Images in RP, the Play-by or Playber-base (or PB) is a person or image used to represent your character in the game itself. These can be real life models, actors, or just pictures you’ve found on the internet. You are not required to have a PB, but they do open up new options in the game itself. They let people get a sense of what you look like; or allow you to personalize your character account with graphics and images to increase your immersion.

Some good sources for finding play-bys:


Another thing to note is that if you go to the Avatar selection under the CP you can select from two pre-installed avatar galleries for each race (accessible via drop down under avatar galleries)! You can also always ask a member of the site to create avatars for you and even signatures (by request politely for graphics).


 Getting Connections and Jumping into Plots!

You have a character, and now its time to jump into some fun! You can either jump directly into any open threads you find or you can start off by locating some people to plot with! For those of you not use to forum Roleplay, “Plotting” is where you discuss ideas for stories with others. Want to do some sort of Quest? Well pop into the Characters forum, a place dedicated to character discussion and finding connections. If you want to just stick up a Plotter or Relationship tracker and feel free to! The trackers are to keep track of your enemies, loves and much more!

If you wish to do a large scale plot to involve a lot of people or even change aspects of the setting contact a member of the staff! We love members creating site wide plotting events!


Joining into Threads

The first thing to note about Altear is that we are what some may call a “Liquid Time” game. This means that for a set period of time (roughly every three months) we list set period of time on our forum in which you can Rp in. This means you can Rp a thread near the end of the season or near the beginning. To some who are not use to the idea it can be a bit, confusing to say the least. This is why we have a chart found on our Racial Calendar page which shows a Real Life comparison (and the time we change the seasons).


Threading Etiquette

The basics of threading for those who are not use to it are kind of simple, here are some basic considerations of etiquette:

  • Post a Time Stamp in the Opening Post of all the threads. In OP’s provide a decent description of the current setting, where thread is located and give enough of a premise for everyone to work off of.
  • Match the quality of those around you. Post reaction and add something new, it keeps thread cohesion.
  • Try to keep to the posting order of a thread (this is established by who posted when in their first post in the thread).
  • Unless you are in a separate part of the thread’s setting, acknowledge those around you (even if you are ignoring or not noticing people, acknowledge them near you somehow).
  • Discuss with the other thread players OOC if you are going to introduce any major changes to the thread.


What you can do in threads

In this game all of the story to a point is created by the members. This means that if you want to do something contact some friends and lead the way. This means that most of our threads are collaborative writing effort which means there are a few things you can do in a thread. Note, this is not a full list, but a general idea of what you can do in a thread if you are unsure.


Creating and Controlling NPCs:

In a thread you can create, control, and move NPCs as much as you wish. There a few things to note. First, if someone is controlling an NPC and it is theirs (specifically a named individual) then don’t suddenly seize control of it. Ask if you can. Others use NPC accounts here on the forum to mark their NPCs, others just create them. If you are a lord then you have your guards, your servants and what not you can control. If you are a merc and you have no one, try not to suddenly create a band to back you up in situations. Remember realism in control, finally talk to people if you are unsure :D


Damage and fighting

Altear does not have healing magic as much as it has limited regeneration. People can heal, take herbs and in general fight off infection. However, no one is going to hold a glowing object or hand over the wound and cease the bleeding. When you fight your character takes damage and then must heal, and when you are ill you must deal with bronze age level medicine which is mostly herbal lore. For those not use to RP fighting or herbal medicine here are some things to check out:


Long Term Plots = Long Term Achievements

You can use a set of threads and link them using our Quest / Subplot Tracker and achieve long term goals. This could include rising to power in a province, becoming King or Queen, or gainging a powerful artifact for your own usage. We do not have levels in this game so all achievement is done through storytelling :D


Rank and Resources

The final thing we would like to discuss is the aspect of rank and what kind of resources one can gain. In the world of Altear players can RP as members of the  nobility or as those running their own companies or mercantile factions or even gangs. First when you jump into the role of leader of any group assess your resources. How big is your gang? Where do you stand with other people? A small gang won’t have the same resources as a decent size syndicate! Remember, the bigger you go the more you can do, but the more likely you’ll need to discuss your ideas because you could be affecting a lot of people.

Note: We are developing a Fief system for nobility which will eventually give you an idea of what you can do as a ranking noble :D