Dev Blog – Creating Altear

Last week I wrote about my inspiration and influences for the world I set out to build. Now, I want to discuss how I plan on and the process I currently am undertaking to build the world of Altear. This will of course talk about a few more major influences, specifically this time will be the historical events and myths I looked into.   Earlier Incarnations Altear is and has been a world I’ve had... read more

Dev Blog – A Re-Introduction

Its time for a an introduction or more correctly, a re-introduction, to what Altear is. To do that thoroughly I’ll need to discuss the inspirations behind the world, and what led to its creation. So without further adieu, its time to jump back in time to when I was just coming back from my trip abroad. I spent a summer in Ireland, where I learned not only about Gaelic, but also extensively about... read more

Changes to Come

Hello everyone, ShadowedSin here (the creator and stuff), and after a few months of silence I think its time to talk about what exactly is going on with Altear. So I know a few of you guys probably wonder if things have just gotten dropped or lost, and the answer is no. For the past few months I’ve been talking with core members of the Altear community and with our lovely bunny (ZIN), about the... read more

Monsters and Troops – Dev Blog

Welcome to the latest Dev Blog! This one is about the additions of the Bestiary and the Armory. Both are mini databases (in the case of the Bestiary not so mini) of information dealing with character and creature types found within Altear. The Armory was a last minute addition made to help with the upcoming changes to the game including Houses which will introduce a few things that allow for war in the... read more

AltearCast Episode #9: Overview of the Tribes

In Episode 9 we back peddle and do an overview of tribal life and what it means to live in the bronze age inspired world of Altear. Learn about the eight great Aett’s of Norland or the twenty-four known Septs of Cels! Learn about each one, their subracial ties and where they come from!     Opening is Blood of Cu Chulainn by Mychael and Jeff Dana. Podcast: Play in new window | Download read more

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