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Hello everyone, ShadowedSin here (the creator and stuff), and after a few months of silence I think its time to talk about what exactly is going on with Altear. So I know a few of you guys probably wonder if things have just gotten dropped or lost, and the answer is no. For the past few months I’ve been talking with core members of the Altear community and with our lovely bunny (ZIN), about the future of the game. The truth is Altear is not something that is going to go away, we all have too much invested in it. Trouble is a bunch of us got hit by college, work, and even medical complications. This rendered a huge drop of activity on the site, and after a lot of talk I’ve decided to take a step back an analyze what we are doing.


How Things Grew

Altear as a game was in its second incarnation and it was doing great. We had a lot of plans for stories, and everyone was moving forward with their plots. The problem is as I and others got into the story things got really big really fast. We needed more players to do what we wanted and we became held back by complications in real life. This along with how the backstory of the world has evolved from my personal writings has caused a dissonance between the game presented on the forums and the world we are trying to build. So after a lot of thought things were put on hold for the forum game in the form of development. We are still running the forum, but we are not adding any new lore to it just yet.


What about all you were going to do?

Well we still have plans for political stuff like houses, and I would love to do the armor and the beastiary! The issue is that right now there’s a lot on our plate to get done; and well here is why.


Revisiting the Lore and the World

The game that I set out to build nearly a year ago grew really well and I learned a lot from its design. Truth is though is that it grew at such a rate that it became hard to manage in some areas, and harder to keep track of. We had so much information for new players that even with our newbie guide it was quite overhwelming for many people. There was also the fact that adding new races down the line was becoming tedious and the lore of the world in general was becoming hard to manage.


Altear is more than just a forum game.

The truth is this is a world that myself and even Zin (yeah she’ll get mad at me for putting her name here) would like to do something with. This includes perhaps a tabletop game (we have talked about this), books (these are in the works) or even a comic. The thing about it is that as we talked about this the backstory and mythos of the entire world grew to the point where I realized things needed to get tied down. So what did I do? Well, about three months ago back in July I started writing an anthology, or a set of short stories. As I have worked on these pieces the cosmology of Altear has become more solid, and the history a little less chaotic.

Instead of having a mythical Time of Ancients the history as its evolved has clear rises and falls of power. There is a set of gods, demi-gods, and creator gods now. Basically the world got a HUGE infrastructure reboot and became a lot more solid. Over the course of the month Z and I batted around doing a comic as you will notice we have a lot of ideas for this thing. The trouble is all these ideas as someone put it just grew too fast as did the game itself. So about a month ago I spoke with Z and it was decided, we were going to take a step back.


Art by JerMohler

The Step Back to Making This More Grounded

This step back was a strange process. At one point I started redoing entire sections of Sidhe lore and then at another I was running data gathering. In fact a few people are probably a bit annoyed with my calls for “SURVEY SURVEY” (don’t worry folks I’m done, for now). This all really led to an extensive look into what Altear was and what I as the creator wanted to accomplish with it. And unlike what I had with my last major project (Ashenfold Cartel) I could actually take my time. I wasn’t pushed to put out the new lore because someone was Rping things too quickly or we needed to revise the laws of a guild because elections were coming up. Altear at the end of the day is a world I built with hours of research and discussion. So it was something that I take -a lot- of time to think over.

So here is what I have done and what I will continue to focus on:


1. The vast multitude of races in Altear has been reduced significantly. Originally there were over 20+ races in the world each was unique and had its own magic system. Over time this would make everything except for a select few things unplayable. I tossed all of them out.

We now have about six to seven races. Each with their own unique traits, a grouping of peoples or subraces (which are quite numerable) and all descend from specific titanic gods in Altear’s mythology. Which brings me to the next step.


2. The creation of Altear and the cosmology has been grounded. The world was created at one time by four Primordials or primal elemental spirits that shaped the world in the “Golden Age”. The next age was the time of the “Titans” and the rise of their children the Gods or the “Immortals”. Basically think Arcadian ages from ancient greece with some mixing of various mythologies. What gets real fun is how all the Titan tribes interacted and how their kids “the Gods” basically fucked up the world and how the modern “Fae” races are dealing with it.


3. With the advent of having the four Primordials I went back to Altear’s magic systems and now there is -one- central magic system. With a few -variant- or -deviating- systems from that. Anything else such as crafting Artifacts or using Blood Magic will follow the basic rules of the core system, with their own flair!


Looking Ahead

So that’s what we have done so far, and you can expect more in the future! Down the road I plan on outline the new races of Altear, and their individual inspirations and histories. The world history will get some discussion as well as we look into the revamped themes of Rp the game and story hopes to focus on. A quick note. First, the House system will be in the game eventually it is getting an overhaul. The beastiary is not changing and majority of the racial lore is not changing, you’ll learn more about this in my next dev-blog.

For now, cheers!

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