Guild Wars 2 Guidebook

All Material Written and Compiled by ShadowedSin

DISCLAIMER: The Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 Universe is the sole property of ArenaNet and NCSoft. ShadowSin claims no right over their characters or product. This documentation is written as a fan based educational work.

The Guild Wars 2 Universe is a fascinatingly large vast world filled with a variety of lore. Here is a set of Lore Guides and materials aimed at helping Roleplayers with creating a character in the world of Tyria.


Table of Contents

1. Who are You?


2. What is your Race?

The Charr - Race of Predatory Horned Feline Militarists.


The Humans - Race of  Heroes and Magical Masters.


The Norn - Race of Legend Seekers and Heroic Myths.


The Sylvari - Race of New Minds and Chivalrous Intent.


The Asura - Race of Magical Geniuses and Inventors.


Racial Abilities and Magics


3. Character Profession and Magic