Human Personality

Human’s in Guild Wars 2 are not much different from us, they have fears, they have goals and they have a personality that many of us could easily relate with. One thing that easily defines Humanity is their faith, out of all the races Humanity has been beaten back and back again. Losing land to when Orr sunk during the Cataclysm to the fall of Ascalon to the Charr High Legions. Human tenacity and faith in the Six Gods allowed them to remain standing in the face of all odds. Not only that, but this was the race that once dominated Tyria itself.

Going from having one of the most prominent places in Tyrian History to being relegated to two city populations and one nation is not something easy to recover from. As the other races suffer or rise, Humanity is in decline.

So Humans can then easily be defined as being:

  • Faithful (in the six gods there is always faith)
  • Resilient (stoic in the face of all that has come)
  • Strong Willed (must be steadfast for the horrors of the Elder Dragons)
  • Tenacious (never give up and never surrender!)
These traits however only lend themselves to the positive side of humanity. Along with their loss of land was born a new type of government. Kryta is not only led by a Queen, but also shares representation of the people through the Ministry. The problem with this however is that much of the Ministry is controlled by the Nobility. So like many real life societies, human life is stratified leading to other traits being considered for their personality such as:
  • Ambitious (Working your way to the top)
  • Brooding (Keeping personal agenda to one’s self)
  • Divisive (Those who do not trust the Queen)

Personality Traits in the Human Populations

Human personality is very likely to change depending upon which of the three major population centers a character comes from. These three centers being the Kingdom of Kryta (most likely differences in the Urban and Rural Populations), Lion’s Arch, and then the fortress city of Ebonhawke. Each region has it’s own unique history tied to the legacy of Humanity that then lends to it’s culture and sense of self.


The Kingdom of Kryta (Urban Vs Rural)

Kryta is perhaps the most ethnically diverse besides Lion’s Arch of the three Human regions. Split between the large capital city of Divinity’s Reach, and then the rural areas surrounding it. The people of the capital are more likely to foster an artful, regale, or even political sense. This is where Krytans are more likely to encounter the other races, or learn more about themselves. It is within the Urban areas of Divinty’s reach where places such as the Ossan and Rurikton Quarter are likely to foster pockets of purer ethnic heritage.

Because of this melting pot of human thought Urban dwellers are likely to display such traits as:

  • Scheming (for criminals)
  • Worldy (knowing more of the outside world)
  • Scholarly (teaching centers in Divinity’s Reach)
  • Cultured (closer proximity to the royal household)
Rural dwellers are closer to the centaur raids, and most likely do not have as much access to the scholarly learning some might find in the city. This means that cultural superstition is very like rife in the rural population.
Rural dwellers are likely to have such traits as:
  • Hardiness (raids by the centaurs require steadfast preparedness)
  • Superstitious (more likely to question necromancers)
  • Down to Earth (a hard life focuses more on simple logic and common sense)
  • Traditional (sticking to the more conservative side of human values)


Lion’s Arch (The Racial Melting Pot)

The Free City of Lion’s Arch is a racial melting pot reformed after the original capital of Kryta was washed away with the Rising of Orr. Home to members of all five races, the Humans of Lion’s Arch are more probably some of the most opened minded one could find. Many there live in constant fear of the roving black ships of the Undead Dragon Zhaitan. These undead can be made of former Orrian citizens or former friends of the city’s denizens. The city also features not only a heavy seafaring culture, but one that is willing to bet and gamble on gladiatorial combat between prisoners.

Lion’s Arch not only has a mixed heritage, it also has a criminal one. Created out of necessity, Lion’s Arch developed it’s own independent identity from the rest of Kryta after it was rebuilt. This would lead to a greater sense of self and possibly a grayer viewpoint on the world.
Some traits possibly common among Human citizens of Lion’s Arch would be:
  • Independence (the life of the Free City)
  • Adventuring (life on the high seas makes one seek new discoveries)
  • Open Minded (mixed culture and trade city means an understanding of others)
  • Tolerant (new ideas aren’t bad)
  • Greedy (power is in coin)
  • Violent (everyone loves a good fight on the docks!)


Ebonhawke, the last Human City of Ascalon

Once a town in the foothills of the Blazeridge mountains, the settlement became a fortified city when Gwen Thackeray arrived with the Ebon Vaguard under orders from King Adelbern in 1080 AE. After the FoeFire in 1090 AE ripped through Ascalon and turned the rest of the remaining humans into restless ghosts, the city of Ebonhawke became the last vestige of human resistane in the newly conquered lands under the Charr. Ever since that time, Ebonhawke has been home to their descendants ever since. Faring against siege after siege set by the Iron Legion, they are perhaps the most dour and grim of humanity.

Common traits found among those found in Ebonhawke might include:

  • Stoic (able to face adversity)
  • Hardliner (representing those who are most against the Charr)
  • Bitter (some may not like the truce with the Charr)
  • Traditional (Ebonhawkers keep to the ideasl of Ascalon)
  • Militaristic (many in the city are Ebon Vanguard)
  • Disciplined (one must be prepared for war in a city one under siege)