Continental Tyrian History

Before digging into the vast history that includes the rise and fall of nations, it is important to note the different calendars extant in the Universe. The first of these Calendars is the Mouvelian which splits the timeline into Before Exodes (before the gods left Arah) and After Exodus (After the gods left Arah). The Mouvelian calendar is a found strictly in Continental Tyria and might still be used in the modern Era of Guild Wars 2.

The Canthan Calendar is found only within the Dragon Empire of Cantha. Their calendar official started when the first emperor unified the clans to begin the Dragon Empire. It unlike the Mouvelian discounts the first centuries of human existence and doesn’t mark it with a precursor mark such as BE.

Dynastic Reckoning is the final calendar mark and it is native to the three Provinces of Elona. Their calendar starts in the year 200 AE marking the first of rule of the Primeval Kings.


Months and Dates

Within the three Calendars both the DR and Mouvelian split the year into four major seasons, while the Canthan Calendar has twelve months.

  • Days 1-90 are the Season of the Zephyr (includes the time of the Canthan Months:  Changhai, Zhoyo, Nongkam)
  • Days 91-180 are the Season of the Phoenix (includes the time of the Canthan Months: Zalfawn, Saita, Nikan)
  • Days 181-270 are the Season of the the Scion (includes the time of the Canthan Months: Nenmai, Beibacah, Suzhen)
  • Days 271-360 are the Season of the Colossus (includes the time of the Canthan Months: Yundinfang, Songtahn, Kainengtah)


The Origins of Humanity

Humanity did not begin on Tyria, in fact there is little evidence as to where it came from. The manuscripts of Guild Wars Prophecies states:

But then a new race of creatures was birthed upon the world. They were neither serpent nor beast. They were neither plant nor stone. These creatures had no chitinous hide to protect themselves. They had no claws to tear flesh. They arrived naked and defenseless, except for one thing: their desire for control.

Humanity according to the original Guild Wars history simply were born upon the world. According to the Canthan Timeline however, they first appeared south of Cantha. According to an Empire Dividied from the Factions Manuscripts, older evidence exists that the early Canthan clans predate the original tyrian expansion 1,200 years prior to the beginning of Guild Wars 1. The official Human Racial Page states Humans arrived from the south meaning that the initial expansion and migration of Humanity began with Cantha and later spread to the rest of Tyria.

Each migration from the South would lead to the foundation of great Empires and Civilizations. The stories of heroes and power of arcanists such as Lord Odran set the stage for Humanity’s grand heritage.

Continental Tyrian History

The history of Continental Tyria began when a race of winged serpents known as the Forgotten were first sent by the from the rift to act as custodians across the land. Centuries after their appearance the first humans appeared and began to populate the world (first appearing in 205 BE). Over time humans spread throughout Tyria and begin to settle in the plains in the Northeast in what came to be called Ascalon. By 100 BE (105 years after they first appeared), the human tribes push out the charr after the Khan-Ur of the Charr High Legions is assassinate (by a singular human or by many that is unknown).


Introduction of Magic

In that same general period the Human tribes are eventually united under King Doric. Contact between Cantha and continental Tyria also began. In 1 BE Abbadon the god of Secrets creates the first Margonite out of his follower Jadoth. In that same year the Margonite civilization will collaspe and magic is released upon the world. During that time Abaddon and his followers will lead a war against the gods which will result in a series of events. First, the ensuing war dries the Crystal Sea creating the desert it is today and the sealing of Abbadon within the realm of Torment.

During the wars that erupt after the disuse of magic, King Doric travels to the Holy City of Arah and begs the gods for mercy. From his blood the gods create the bloodstones, and thus establish the four schools of magic (preservation, destruction, aggression and denial). After these events in the year 0, the gods depart Arah in what is called the Exodus, thus begins the reckoning of AE.


Rise of Post-Exodus Civilization

Subsequent events following the Exodus include the founding of King’s Watch in the area where Doric was first crowned. Orr also becomes an independent nation in 2 AE (perhaps establishing their nation separate form the identity they once shared with the gods in Arah). After some time and watching the rise and fall of their original summoners, the Forgotten who once acted as a power within Tyria retire their civilization to the Crystal Desert. Where in 272 AE the Dragon, Glint, will compile the infamous Flameseeker Prophecies. Canthan trade expands and come to include more of the Northern nations including Elona.

Kryta’s official history begins in 300 AE as a colony of Elona although they will at the time or sometime later share the same royal line as that of Asacalon (the line of Doric). And only fifty-eight year later Kryta establishes itself as an independent nation. Tyrian history is only brushed by a few events such as the hero Lornar defending Beacon’s Perch against a giant invasion, and the foundation of Nolani (which will become renowned for it’s academy).

For centuries the Kingdoms of Tyria would prosper. In this time the Flame Legion will discover the power of the Titan’s at Hrangmar which will lead to the rise of the Shaman caste and the suppression of females in the High Legions. This new found magic will slowly empower the charr leading to the building of the Northern Wall in 898 AE. In this time the Canthan Empire’s standing with the Tyrian Kingdoms dissolves as the Embassy in Ascalon is closed which leads to a rise in Corsair activity.


Era of Guilds and the Charr Invasions

Over time and the ages of prosperity newer powers began to grow in Tyria. These powerful organizations called Guilds would found private armies and become attached to even royalty themselves (Adelbern had his own guild, Ascalon’s Chosen). The Guild Wars will rage for years and sack the Kingdoms of Tyria. In 1070 at the end of the Guild Wars the Charr Shaman caste unleashes the Searing upon Ascalons thus breaking the Northern Wall. Soon the Charr invade Kryta only to be routed by the newly formed White Mantle based upon the teachings of former Lionguard, Saul D’Alessio (the Mursaat also partake heavily in the rout).


The Flameseeker, and the Eye of the North

In 1071 the Charr are on the doorstep of Arah itself when adviser to King Rea of Orr, Vizier Khilbron, opens a forbidden manuscript (under direction of a servant of Abaddon) and sinks the Kingdom of Orr in the Cataclysm. A year later refugees under the guidance of Ascalonian Prince Rurik (who perishes in the trip) escape to Kryta leaving only a few people to survive in the city of Ascalon after years of Charr invasion. During this time an unamed hero of Ascalonian nationality helps to discover the truth behind the White Mantle in Kryta and in turn aides the Shining Blade rebellion. They also befriend and eventually defeat Khilbron (now the undead Lich), after he opens the door of Komalie leading to the death of the Mursaat and the release of the Titans.

In 1075 proceding the death of Warmaster Varesh in Elona, the Sixth god rises from the ashes of the death of exiled god, Abaddon, she is Kormir the Goddes of Truth. The Six Gods bid farewell during the coming of Nightfall and lower their intervention in mortal affairs.

The Great Destroyer awakens in the Depths of Tyria in 1078 and causes the Asura to flee to the surface. During this time the unamed hero (the player character) slays the leader of the Flame legion formenting future rebellion among the Charr. Helps the norn with the infamous Norn Bear (Svanir, who later inspires the Sons of Svanir), and helps fight off the White Mantle while encountering the last of the Mursaat race. After uniting the Five Major Races, the Dwarves are turned to stone in an ancient ritual and the Great Destroy is killed. It is discovered also that remanants of the Ascalonian Vanguard have established themselves at the Eye of the North as the guerilla group known as the Ebon Vanguard.

At this point the dredge gain independence in the Shiverpeaks.


The Krytan Civil War

A year later the last of the Krytan royal line, and descendant of King Doric, Salma, rallies the Shining Blade guild against the rising Tyranny of the White Mantle under Inquisitor Isaiah. Allies including the inventors Zinn and Blimm, the Lionguard, and the elite Ebon Falcons of the Ebon Vanguard. An envoy sent to King Adelbern led by former Shining Blade leader, Evennia, disappears at this time. The Krytan Civil War eventually culminates in a battle between the White Mantle Inquisitors and their four remaining Mursaat Allies against Salma’s alliance at the Battle of Lion’s Arch. In the end the White Mantle are shattered and Salma is crowned Queen re-establishing the Kingdom of Kryta. Queen Salma also forms the Seraph at this time.

In 1080 AE King Adelbern of Ascalon orders the Ebon Vanguard to fortify the town of Ebonhawke and establish as a future fortress city. Eight years later after hard work Queen Salma cements her reign as her right of rule is acknowledge across a unified Kryta.  Ten years later in 1090 AE after the Charr make a final assault under a self proclaimed Fire Legion Khan-Ur resulting in King Adelbern via his magical sword, Magdear. The wave of energy released from the sword would become known as the Foefire which turned all hit by it into mad ghosts bent on defending the lands of Ascalon for all eternity, this fatal strategy also led to the loss of the Charr artifact, the Claw of the Khan-Ur. After the Forefire Ebonhawke becomes besieged by the Iron Legion when it regains power after the Battle of Golghein leaving it the last bastion of Ascalonian culture and heritage in all of Tyria. The city eventually comes under the rule of the Ebonhawke with Kryta later acting as an ally.


Beginning of the Dragon-Haunted Times

In the year 1120 AE, the Elder Dragon Primordus truly awakens after losing his lieutenant the Great Destroyer. Twenty-Seven years later the Emperor Usoku of Cantha will expel political dissidents to his new anti-nonhuman policies. The Dragon Empire consigns itself to isolation from the North. Just eight years later the lich Palawa Joko and his undead army of undead take over all three provinces of Elona, many people most likely flee the tyrant’s rise to power.

In 1165 AE Jormag rises causing the Norn Nation to flee south. This brings them more into contact with the races of the south. Zhaitan will be the third Dragon to rise in 1219 AE. The Undead Dragon’s awakening brings the raising of Orr the creation of the undead black ships that will cut off any contact with Cantha. Sailing the Sea of Sorrows becomes dangerous as massive amounts of water strike Lion’s Arch and demolishes the City. The survivors will move south as the city of Divinity’s Arch is founded as the new Krytan Capital in 1220 AE in the province of Shaemoor. In the same year the library of the Durmand Priory is founded in the Shiverpeaks.

Corsairs and other pirates of many races begin to congregate and settle in the ruins of Lion’s Arch in 1230 AE. Soon the city is rebuilt with the remains of ships at its core. The residents of the city or Archers would spend years after the city’s refounding fighting the black ships of the undead creating a hardy culture of sailors ready to do battle with the minions of Zhaitan.


Recent Events of the Era

Between 1219 AE to 1320 AE an unlike series of events would lead to change during the Dragon-Haunted times. A guild known as Destiny’s Edge would defeat the Dragon Champions of first Jormag, then Zhaitan and Primordus. Their actions as a multi-racial group will change the face of the world. Near the end of their career the guild will fight against the newly risen Crystal Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik. Though they fail and one of their own Master Snaff is killed, the human member Logan will help rally defense against the Branded Minions of Kralkatorrik in what will become known as the Ogre Revolt. After the rise of Kralkatorrik a charr Gladium, Almorra Soulkeeper, who lost her warband during the Dragon’s rising will former the vigil.

In 1324 AE under direction another multi-racial team will enter Charr territory to make their way into the home of the Ghosts of Ascalon. Within they learn of the true madness of the ghostly King Adelbern and are able to procure the Claw of the Khan-Ur. It is at this time that the Charr under Iron Legion Imperator Smodur the Unflinching will begin negotiations of a truce between the Kingdom of Kryta and the Charr High Legions. During the quest to retrieve the claw elements within Ebonhawke reveal themselves that are against the Truce, but are defeated in the end. These forces do fail, but not without bringing up the growing discontent among humans have for their own government.

Currently Legate Minister Caudecus heads a growing discontent against the Queen for her signing of the truce. Many among the Ministry agree with him, other complaints include the growing strain on the Seraph and the queen’s inability to defend the land. Ministry Guard jurisdiction slowly begins to grow within the Kingdom pitting the Three Military Orders against each other.


Notable Historical Figures

King Doric - The first king of the United Human Kingdoms that spanned Kryta, Ascalon and Orr he is said to have aided Dwayna in ending the wars caused by the spreading of magic near the Exodus. In 1 BE Doric traveled to the city of Arah to prostrate himself before the gods to end the bloodshed that magic had caused. In response the gods seal magic into four stones (plus one keystone) with Doric’s blood creating the bloodstones. He is the progenitor of all the royal lineages of Tyria, in modern times his only known living descendant is Queen Jennah of Kryta.


Lord Odran - A powerful Arcanist and “Wizard Lord” Odran devised his own spells and sacrificed many souls to access the Mists itself. His research of temporal distortions would not only open a portal to the Mists but also the Rift. Over time his research took him through the worlds of the multiverse and easily traversing all over the Hall of Heroes. During this the spirits he abused in his experiments eventually learned how to interact with the corporeal and attacked the Wizard Lord on one of his journeys.


Queen Salma - The daughter of a priestess and King Jadon of Kryta, her father fled the state after the Charr began their march towards the Krytan border. She eventually rose to power and united several factions including the Shining Blade, the Ebon Vanguard and others against the tyranny of the White Mantle. After the Krytan Civil war it would be nine years however until she fully unified the country under her rule in 1088 AE.


Saul D’Alessio - A gambler and a drunk, Saul was a man on hard times. After being tried as a thief he was exiled from Kryta where he was then left him in a dense forest to wander on his own. After many days he encountered the Mursaat and eventually became the founder of the new faith focused on the “Unseen Ones”. Over time the group grew from a small following into a military organization that would become the White Mantle. During the Charr Invasion the fleeing King left the Mantle to defend the people and in their darkest hour Saul’s faithful defended the homeland in the name of Kryta and the Unseen. After driving out the Charr the Mursaat who had aided the mantle turned on Saul and killed all but the most devoted.  Soon the Mursaat disappeared with Saul and he was never seen again.


Prince Rurik - Holder of the legendary sword Sohothin, Rurik was the leader of the guild, Ascalon’s Vanguard (which would become the Ebon Vanguard). His actions often put him at odds with his father about the state of Post-Searing Ascalon. Eventually the Prince lead his people over the Shiverpeaks, but was killed by the stone summit before he could lead the refugees to their new homeland.


King Adelbern - A member of Ascalon’s Chosen and the last King of Ascalon, Adelbern was the holder of Magdaer (the sister sword of Sohothin). He was not of noble blood, but his actions during the Guild Wars led the people to choose him as king. He was a descendant of King Doric of old, and was a man who only wanted to defend his nation. After sending many of his followers and the Ebon Vanguard to form Ebonhawke in 1080 AE the man would cause one of the greatest curses in Tyrian Modern History. After the Charr under the Flame Legion made their way to Ascalon City the King unleashed the Foefire upon his nation. This power magic emitted from Madgaer that would turn all the nearby citizens into angry blood thirsty ghosts. Even in the modern times the ruins of Ascalon are still ruled by the mad king who would give up anything to prevent the charr from winning.