Elonian History

Elona is located far south of Ascalon across the Crystal Desert, and is home to a land split into three provinces. First stood Istan, the mighty Maritime power that fought heavily in the first and second Great Corsair Wars. In the middle of the continent, and along the Elon valley, dwelt Kourna, a militant nationalist province whose people were often noted for their patriotism.


Dynastic Reckoning

Elona, like Cantha, possesed it’s own calendar which was called Dynastic Reckoning, as it marks the date when the Primeval Dynasty began to rule the continent, in 200 BE.

History of Elona

The initial migrations of humans from the far south show that the first human settlements appeared in Istan and the Elona valley, in 205 BE.


The Primeval Dynasty Era

Five years later, Fahranur, the first City was established in 200 BE, beginning the Dynastic Reckoning, with the Primeval Dynastystarting that same year, in 1 DR (205 BE). Twenty-five years later, in 25 DR (175 BE), the first of several Margonite settlements began to appear along the west Coasts of Elona. At the same time, the Margonites begin to sail the Unending Ocean around the same time that the Luxons were supposedly doing the same. The Margonites would come to worship one god, Abaddon, the God of Secrets and Water, an act that would later create tension between them and the followers of all Six Gods.

Two hundred years later, in 1 BE, several events would be set in motion that changed the face of Tyria. Around this time, the Margonites vandalized the statues of the other Five Gods in the Temple of the Six Gods. The act increased tension between the followers of Abaddon, and the rest of the Gods. In the same year, a Margonite by the name of Jadoth, while fleeing the persecution of the forgotten, cried out to his god for assistance. Abaddon answered the prayer and granted the man his blessing, turning him into the first demonic Margonite.

After that moment, Abaddon, gave magic to the races of Tyria, and in turn, because he gave it too freely, the races turned to war amongst each other. That same year, King Doric would plea before the gods in the Holy City of Arah, and the gods would fashion the Bloodstones from his blood. Angered by the act of his peers, Abaddon gathered his followers and assailed the Gates of Heaven. The Lord of secrets was able to overpower two gods, but he was eventually defeated. After the war ended, the Crystal Sea had evaporated into the Crystal desert; while Abaddon and his servants were imprisoned in the Realm of Torment. At this point, the entirety of Margonite civilization collapsed.

In 229 DR (29 AE), the Primeval Dynasty spread their rule farther than before. Soon, the Primeval Kings ruled Vabbi and part of the desolation as their Kingdom came to reach the height of its power. Later, in that same period, the Primeval Kings would begin to build their dynastic tombs in the Crystal Desert. These would later became known as the Tomb of Primeval Kings. Kryta is established as a colony of Elona decades later, in 500 DR (300 AE).

As the power of the Primeval Dynasty reached it zenith, the Primeval Kings by 524 DR (324 AE), began several monument building projects in Istan and Kourna. Corsair activity along the coast appeared for the first time in the historical record at this time. Just a few decades later, the twin Queens Nahlah and Dahlah, built their own massive monuments off the coast of Istan. Shortly after the monuments were completed, the Primeval Dynasty would fall to the Scarab Plague.


The Scarab Plague Ends an Era

It was a horrendous plague that began when the capital of Fahranur fell, and was torn apart by the plague, in 652 DR (452 AE). It is described in records as being a horrific disease that appeared as boils, and later saw scarab beetles erupt from the lesions. Many died during that time, including the entire royal family, thus ending the six-century rule of the Primeval Kings. During this time, the Order of the Sunspears, a group formerly known as the Sunspear Guard (a group formed under Queen Nadijeh), helped to quarantine the infected cities. Early efforts to stop the spread of the diseased sadly failed, as it later spread to other parts of Elona, killing untold numbers of Elonians.


The Great Dynasty Era

His name was Admun Kolos, a general from the late period of the Primeval Dynasty. During the year which marked the ending of the Scarab Plague, Admun Kolos took the throne, and would begin the interregnum period known as the Great Dynasty Era, beginning in 656 DR (456 AE). Handed a decimated population still reeling from the epidemic, Admun Kolos and his clan would bring a period of peace and balance to Elona. Two years after Kolos took the Dynastic crown, the colony of Kryta became an independent Kingdom. For sixty-four years after the end of the plague, lands in Istan were resettled, in 720 DR (520 AE). The early resettlement effort was defended, and supported by the Order of Sunspears.

After resettling Istan and beginning a period of rebuilding, misfortune would strike again. Only a hundred and twenty-seven years into the reign of Admun Kolos’ lineage, the Great Dynasty collapsed.


Rise of Turai Ossa and the Ossa Clan

Years without unified rule slowly caused the three major regions of Elona to grow apart, and finally as the last of the Shattered Dynasties fell to dust, the three provinces arose. For several years the three provinces existed as simple allies while they forged their own independent societies. In 912 DR (712 AE), the First Great Corsair war erupts. Years later, in 957 DR (757 AE), Palawa Joko, an evil lich, began to build his grand fortress called the Bone Palace.

By 1060 DR (860 AE), Palawa Joko sweeps out from the desolation, and invaded the northern borders of Vabbi. Through the Vabbian Mines he was able to infiltrate their grand estates, and overtake the Vabbian army. Soon, all resistance in the northern province died, as Joko earned the moniker, “The Scourge of Vabbi”. Not longer after the fall of Vabbi, Palawa Joko turned his eyes to Kourna, and thus began a two year Era of Tyranny. Lands fell as the lich’s lightning fast tactics rendered the grand army of Kourna to a ragtag rebellion led by a single Warmarshal, Turai Ossa.

After conquering so much in 1062 DR (862 AE), Joko proclaimed himself the sovereign of the nation of Elona. However, his rule would become challenged by the remnants of the Kournan army. Using hit-and-run tactics, the desperate Warmarshal fought bravely and hard with his soldiers. However, it all fell down to a titular moment when the armies of the lich surrounded the defenders of Kourna at the Grand Cataract of Jahai. For days the two armies battled until finally, Turai challenged Palawa to single combat. The scion of the Ossa clan locked swords with the lich and defeated him. In a moment that would be remembered for centuries, the Warmarshal, Turai, had defeated the Scourge of Vabbi.

Almost immediately, the Princes of Vabbi began to rebuild as Joko’s yoke of tyrrany fell. The people of Elona were stunned at Turai’s ability, and rallied to him. Soon, something happened that had not been seen since the Kolo clan had ruled during the Great Dynasty; Elona crowned a King. Some said he had been chosen by the Five Gods themselves. However, the new King of Elona sought greater goals and glory. In 1068 DR (868 AE), Turai places his son, Kunai, in charge of the throne and leads a group of followers in a Great Pilgrimage to seek Ascension in the Crystal desert.

The crossing of the Desolation killed many followers, thinning the ranks who followed Turai. Not long after, the Pilgrims reached the Crystal desert and founded the nation of Elonia. Warring upon the Forgotten, the Elonian Pilgrims would eventually turn upon each other. Turai himself perished after seeking his lost goal, and soon would find himself wandering the desert as a ghostly hero.

In 1074 DR (874 AE), years after his father’s disappearance, Kunai Ossa refuses the Dynastic crown, while remaining the Warshmarshal of Kourna. The other Clanmarshals restore rule in Istan and Vabbi, as the Ossa Clan will come to rule Kourna until Varesha Ossa. Decades after the Battle of Jahai, the fortress of Jahai was established in 1099 DR (899 AE). In that year, a rich merchant woman by the name of Amaki Voss proclaims herself clanmarshal for life over the city of Makuun, becoming the first Prince of Vabbi.

The year 1182 DR (982 AE), is marked with the start of the Second Great Corsair war. The fighting continues until Spearmarshal Matoha’s defeat of a corsair armada under the command of the infamous, Lady Glaive, in 1216 DR (1016 AE). The war itself would establish Istan’s maritime status as a power in the region.


Recent Events of the last three Centuries

In 1275 DR (1075 AE), events are set in motion that will bring about the freedom of the exiled god, Abaddon. Varesha Ossa, descendant of the great Turai, leads the charge and unleashes the Margonite demons, and their god from the realm of Torment. In return for help across the Desolation, Palawa Joko is freed from his imprisonment and returned to the bone palace with the unnamed hero. The unnamed hero eventually defeated Abaddon, and the Sunspear Spearmarshal Kormir took up his mantle, becoming Kormir the Goddess of Truth.

In 1325 DR (1135 AE), Joko dammed the river Elon, and forced the people of Vabbi to surrender. Eventually, the other provinces fell, and Palawa Joko established himself as the supreme sovereign of Elona. The Order of Sunspears was hunted down, and those that surrendered were allowed to work under Joko as the corrupted order of knights called, The Mordant Crescent. Palawa Joko in turn established a program to hunt down the remaining descendants of the Ossa clan, and turn them into his own personal army. After Zhaitan’s rise in 1219 AE, and Kralkatorrik’s rise in 1324 AE, all contact with lands of the Golden Sun was lost, except for the Order of Whispers.

Notable Historical Figures

Admun Kolos - A man who would unite Elona after the plague years following the fall of the Primeval Dynasty. His family, the Kolos clan, would rule through the Great Dynasty for little over a century before it collapsed.


Jadoth - A man blessed in 1 BE after praying to Abaddon, and became the first demonic Margonite.


Palawa Joko - A lich who rose to power after the end of the Shattered Dynasty Era, and invaded the northern province of Vabbi, earning him the title, “Scourge of Vabbi”. He was defeated by Turai Ossa after ruling all of Elona for two years. He lost to Turai in single combat at the battle of Jahai, and was entombed. Released during the coming of Nightfall, he later returned in 1135 AE, and finished his dream of conquering all of Elona.


Turai Ossa - The most famous of the Ossa clan and the last true King of Elona. He was given the Dynastic crown after his defeat of Palawa Joko. Only a few years into his reign, he led the Great Pilgrimage into the Crystla Desert and established the colony-state of Elonia. His new state, and his dreams of Ascension, fell apart as he came to wander the desert as a ghost.


Kunai Ossa - The son of Turai, and the one who took his father’s throne after his departure. Kunai refused the Dynastic Crown, and established the Ossa rule as Warmarshals of Kourna ever after.


Varesh Ossa - The last of the Ossa’s to rule Kourna, and a professed worshiper of the fallen God Abaddon, she was killed after beginning her transformation into a Margonite. She made war on Istan, unleashed Nightfall upon the world, and is a stain upon the Ossa name in history.


Spearmarshal Kormir - One of the Spearmarshals of the Order of Sunspears, Kormir led the Sunspears into battle, and disappeared at the Battle of Gandara. She was later recovered after the demonic Hunger, with her eyesight taken. After the unnamed hero defeated the exiled god, Kormir took Abaddon’s power and rose as the Goddes of Truth.