Norn Naming Conventions

They are Norn, former hunters and heroes of the far North now cast down by the Ice Dragon Jormag. Split into two major centers of culture, the Norn fight on one day hoping to reclaim their lost homeland.


Norn and Family

Before we begin to consider Norn names, the one looming thing to consider, is family. Norn in general do not have a concept of family names (a bit like the Luxons). They do not have clans or tribes or any form of extensive family system, except for the Homestead. Some Norn families will care about one’s lineage, while others do not. The example of lineage priding Norn is Olaf seventh son of Olaf.

Just because they don’t care much for an extended lineage, does not mean they care not for recognizing their family, however. Conventionally, the Norn take their name inspiration from the Nordic peoples of Earth. In that regard we must identify the concept of given name and after-name.

Your Given Name is the one you call yourself or the name given to you by your parents. Your last-name, is the after-name, is the aspect that relates to family, acts as an honorific or as a title.

In that regard Norn recognize family in this manner:

  • Male norn may end their after-name in either -sson or -son with the first part being their father or in some cases their mother (whoever they identify most with most likely).
  • Female norn may end their after-name either in -dottir or -dottr. Such as with their male compatriots, the first part of is made up of a parent.
  • Another thing they might do is use the suffix -kin to possibly reference their relation to a parent or family member, or perhaps even an ancestor (Eir Stegalkin – means Eir, Kin, or Family, of Stegal. Note: this is an inference).


Norn First Names

At the core of the Norn way of life is the story or the legend that they construct for themselves. By creating a legend, their name will live forever and their legacy will carve a path for other Norn to follow. At the core of it all is one’s name, something one must cherish, for if you don’t, how will you live forever?

Norn first names are inspired by the ancient tribes of the Far North, and of heroes such as Thor the Thunderer, or Beowful, the Slayer of Grendal!


The Honorific and Lion’s Arch Norn

Not all Norn names will follow the simple feel of the after-name. Some names will be forged in battle, and the crucible, of the threat of Jormag. Those who earn the legend might take another name as those who hope to prove it. This is an honorific or a title. Honorifics or titles can be found in many ways among the Norn. In some ways, these could also be a form of descriptor.

  • Descriptors come in the form of after-names, such as Proudfist, Farhunter, or Shadowstalker.
  • A descriptor title could relate to their chosen spirit, such as Oxfist or Ravenheart.
  • Titles will most likely refer to an ability, trait, or triumph, creating such names as:
      Agar the Quick, Agar the Strong, Agar the Trailmaster.
  • An Honorific might appear in many forms, such as Magnus the Blood-Handed.

The Norn of Lion’s Arch seem to have names that do not constitute the normal, usual form of Norn naming. Two known names include Magnus (a roman name), and Sangjo. It would seem that Norn that do not follow the normal form would be seen as more of those following the racial melting pot of Lion’s Arch.