1) Usernames

  • Register your Out-Of-Character Account with a username that you will feel comfortable with being known by in our community.
  • You can link your OOC Accounts to your OOC accounts by following this guide: Guide to Account Switching.
  • Register One New Account  per character and follow the naming conventions for your characters chosen race, when you create an OOC account
  • Racial naming conventions can be found here: Sidhe Naming Conventions, Aesir Naming Conventions.
  • If you change your user title for a character account put the name of your OOC Account in the title.


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2) For each new character fill out an Application (the template is found in the Character Creation forum) and post it in the Pending Character forum. WIP Applications can only remain for a total of a week so be aware of this limit!


3) When you are done with your WIP or Work-In-Progress application remove the tag and BUMP the Application so the staff knows it is ready to be reviewed.



1) Respect all members of the Altear community.

  • Any form of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated! (Gender, Creed, Veteran Status, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Ethnicity, Class etc).


2) Content of the RPG.

  • Our website is rated 333 according to the website. This means there is nudity, violence and graphic acts found on this site.
  • You must be 17 years or older to join this site!


3) Play Bys are optional while Avatars must be no bigger than 120 x 200 with signatures totaling no more than 500 x 250. Play By graphics must represent a character, and must be a living person, or artistic image (anime, drawings, sketches etc) portraying a representation of the character. Instead of claiming the Face, please list and fully credit the artist of the image you plan to use (or images of a specific character created by said artist). Also please refrain from using images that have modern clothing as much as possible (the Rp is set in the Dark Ages).


4) Roleplay is to be conducted in third person past tense. Please use legible english and at least High School level grammar.



1) God modding (without consent), metagaming, auto responding and all other forms of abuse of the RP environment are forbidden.


2) Roleplay will be conducted in Third Person Past Tense.


3) In Character actions result in In Character consequences, this means if you do not wish to deal with the repercussions do not commit the act.


4) All character technology and ability is restricted to the level of Dark Age Europe. Please refer to racial culture for the status of gender and rights for each group.