The Asura

Over two centuries ago the Asura fled the Depths of Tyria to come to the surface. Fleeing the ravaging attacks upon their fallen civilization by the Great Destroyer and his minions, the race soon found itself in a place it knew little about. Over time they built a new city upon the Tarnish Coass and established themselves as masters of Magitech.

The Asura are a diminuitive species that focuses on creating a change in the world. Each individual seeks to leave a mark, and this has led to an advanced society where invention is key to advancement. Project minded Krewe organizations establish themselves for each goal and then break up when the project is finished. Snarky and quick witted, the technology they provide has become integral to the civilizations of Tyria


Asura Cultural Themes:

  • Accomplishment – Asura seek to accomplish something in their lives that leaves a mark on the world.
  • The Eternal Alchemy – Everything is seen as another cog in the Eternal Alchemy
  • Philosophy – Each College of the Asura imparts a philosophy of how the world works.
  • Krewe – Asrua organize for a singular project in the form of a Krew and then move on.
  • Independence – Each Asura generally focuses on their own work and how it can gain them their own accomplishments.
  • World View – Asura tend to have a racially centric world view more so than others.


Asura Naming Conventions

Asura have interesting names that are unique in their conventions and sound. Asura do not have surnames, instead they may use titles or honorifics. In addition, their names tend to be sharp, consisting mostly in one or two syllabls (three is possible, but rare). The usage of double consonants is also quite popular. Names such as Zing, are not uncommong, but an Asura would prefer to have two “g’”s it seems more so than one.

  • EXAMPLE: Zingg the Inventor (Male Name with Honorific)
  • Inventor Zingg (Male Name with Occupation or Title)
  • Zingga (Female Name Equivalent)

Male names often tend in consonants and rarely in vowels. Female Asura on the other hand favor names that end in vowels including several ending in -i and -a.


Asura Affiliations

When Asura are young they are apprenticed to their mother and father to learn about all things of Asuran life. As they grow older they then join one of the three Colleges found in Rata Sum. Each College imparts their own philosophy and teachings upon the young Apprentice who then serves a master within the College.

The Three Colleges of the Asura are:

  • The College of Statics - Members of the College of Statics are Builders, focusing on physical structures and large scale projects. They apply their knowledge and philosophy of the Eternal Alchemy focuses on physical and moving objects.
  • College of Dynamics - Members of the College of Statics are Investigators and Gizmo Makers, focusing on experimentation for the pure thrill of discovery. They apply their knowledge of the Eternal Alchemy in the philosophy in the advancement of knowledge and theory.
  • College of Synergetics - Members of the College of Synergetics are Theorists and Philosophers, focusing upon the energy or thought behind ideas. They apply their knowledge of the Eternal Alchemy in the understanding of complex bodies and networks of association.


Asura Leadership and Government

There is no real direct government in Rata Sum, except for the oversight of the Arcane Council. A mix of inventors and bureaucrats, the Council oversees various issues within the City of Rata Sum and issues of the race itself. Members of the Council are not generally chosen for the acuity or leadership, but rather for the fact that they were the slowest to get out of the way when a new position opened.

The head of the Council is High Councilor Flax, along with the Deans of the Colleges. Other members of the Council hold positions with oversight of various departments or issues. Many Asura see council membership as a form of punishment rather than elevation in status. In fact the Council acts more like a brain trust than an actual seat of government.

The only other form of mass organization within the Asura are the Krewes. Each Krewe being headed by a project leader who gathers individuals for a given project and then when its over all the members part ways. Counter to this ideal is a group simply known as the Inquest.

The Inquest is a large scale crew, the largest in Rata Sum, which constantly tests its members. Each worker is assigned a task and completes it till another is given to them. Running counter to the common philosophy of Krews, the Inquest is more of a heartless corporation than an actual project team seeking to accomplish a goal.


Other Things of Note

The Asura can easily be portrayed as a one sided race of made scientists, this is however a stereotype. The thing to remember about the Asura is after they lost the six grand cities of the Depths they found themselves as refugees. The Asura are a race of varying individuals with a high accumen for academics and application of theory. They might seem small, but they make up for this in attitude, and the ability to compensate for their size.

Not all Asura are geniuses, though all attend the colleges. Some might be better fighters than teachers and would thus focus upon improving combat to better suit themselves. In all, this is a race that focuses on accomplishment and how that can reverberate throughout the world.

Some Asura terms to be aware of:

  • Offspring – The general asuran term for children.
  • College – A school of thought and teaching in the culture of Rata Sum.
  • Rata Sum – The capital of the Asura.
  • Inquest – The corporate like mega-krewe that breaks many asuran taboos, specifically testing on sentients.
  • Arcane Council – The Ruling Body of Rata Sum.
  • Dean – Leader or Representative of a College.
  • High Councilor – Leader of the Arcane Council.
  • Asuran – The possessive term used for Asura, (Ex: That is “Asuran” clothing).


Some major and important sources of Asura Lore are: