Asuran Naming Conventions

The highly intelligent Asura once dwelt in magnificent cities, such as lost Quora Sum, that rivaled the lavish design that is now found in Rata Sum. Driven above ground after seeing their thousands year old civilization die in mere moments, the Asura found themselves in an alien world. Now, after centuries of rebuilding, they have re-established themselves as a racial power in Tyria with their technology and the aide it gives to the other races.


The Basics of Asuran Names

The Asura have a somewhat alien feel to them, meaning that their names do not sound much like any other naming convention in Tyria. That is because their names, to outsides, can be downright peculiar (not to them at least, bookah). The first thing many will notice is, their names are short, or that they just sound abrupt.

The major building blocks of the Asura name is the question, is it male or is it female? The basics of Asuran names states that female names usually end in a vowel, and that Asuran names often contain a double vowel.

So for example:

  • Tekka – Female name.

Where as males often end in a consonant.

  • Ex: Tekk – Male name.

Singular syllable names seem to be the most common, but Asuran names can contain two syllables.

  • Ex: Lummox Or Telekk

In some cases they can even contain three syllables, but they never (to what is currently provided in lore) exceed three syllables.

The other Common Forms
In other cases, Asuran names do not need to include the double consonant (they are still the majority style), and they just sound abrupt or, as Jeff Grub described, as a sort of comic book sound.

This means that Names such as Tzark (he is in the Catacombs dungeon), and or Tlick are viable names.

Some Outside Inspiration
Here are some sources to consider for inspiration in Asuran names.


The Occupation over Family

Unlike the other races, the Asura have no naming convention that relates to a given family, a bloodline, or any form of lineage. They simply do not think it is that important. To an Asura, one’s family is where one is spawned, and the beloved (maybe) early education of one’s life. They do care about their family, but as it has been shown it is not the same exchange one would see among humans, a Norn, or even the Charr and their warbandmates. No, the Asura care more about what they have done, or the krewe they are working with at that point.

By not having family, Asura turn to another thing to show relation to in their names: their work. Yes, Asura care more about their achievements, and this shows in how they refer to themselves.


  • Krew Leader Makk
  • Inventor Dexx
  • Master Gekkit (Meaning he might have an apprentice)

Other Asura might introduce themselves by a more formal name denoting a current project, or area of expertise.

  • Mogg of Economical Splicing Theory
  • Mogg of Alchemical Enterprise

In other cases the Asura may just reference an honorific.

  • Mogg the Inquisitive.
  • Mogg the Eccentric.

And for those who might desire other names? Well they do exist. Some Asura even take up humanish names; however, they are often forgotten by a society that considers them eccentric, bookah loving, weirdos.