The Guardian (Soldier)

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Formed out of teachings of the former Paragon and Monk Classes, the Guardian is a heavily armored class, focused upon using their abilities to smite enemies and support their allies. A magically inclined Soldier class, the Guardian has the ability to create Wards, or magical walls, that can deflect objects or block enemies. Their other abilities, such as symbols, are ground laid magic that enhance the guardian and their allies in combat.

Guardians are not as physical strong as Warriors because of their magical attunement. They represent those warriors that seek to meld magic into controlling the battlefield to their advantage. A guardian can also be a crusader, or a defender that uses their faith to empower themselves while fighting.

Like other magical classes, the charr do not view the Guardian without prejudice, as they are not a common class amongst the High Legions.

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Guardian Magic

“The guardian is a devoted fighter who calls upon powerful virtues to smite enemies and protect allies. As dangerous with a staff as he is with a mighty two-handed hammer, a true guardian is a master tactician who knows when to sacrifice his own defenses to empower his allies in order to achieve victory.”
-Guardian Official Page

Guardians are the spiritual successor of the monk and paragon professions. Created from a mixture of their two teachings, the Guardian profession spread naturally among the races of Tyria. The core driving force for Guardians is their Faith. This is not necessarily the Faith in religion (though it can be especially in the case of humans), but it can be faith in one’s ability, or faith in those around them.