The Mesmer (Scholar)

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Able to manipulate magic to create illusions that defy the fabric of reality and confuse their opponents, the mesmer is combination of duelist and dashing con-artist on the field of battle. Able to summon mirror images of themselves to distract their opponents, these illusions come in the form of carefully crafted phantasms, or the more easily conjured clones. Mesmerism itself is not found within the mind, but is in fact a manipulation of magic that creates mind tricks that foil the mesmer’s enemies.

The profession’s main source of damage comes in applying conditions to their enemies, while using their illusions to distract. Mesmers can create mantras, or extended slow casting spells, that they are able to call upon even in the middle of battle. The mesmer is also able to shatter their illusions to apply damage or conditions upon their foes when in combat.

Mesmers are found commonly among humans, and are most likely welcome among the other races except the charr.

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“They have always had the ability to manipulate raw magical energy as embodied by the skill chaos storm. Arcane thievery is not the mesmer tricking someones mind but rather them manipulating magical energies.”
-Post by Eric Flannum

Mesmers are duelists that rely upon deception related to the School of Denial. The Mesmer possesses the ability to bend reality itself to create effects that boggle the mind. Where an Elementalist relies upon pure raw power, the Mesmer relies upon deception. Their abilities do not, in fact, effect the mind directly, where as they can create semi-real illusions of themselves or other effects that can confuse their opponents on the battle field.

Mesmer can create illusions that disguise themselves or a given target (these spells require a specific target to be casted upon), their clones and phantasms also have the ability to create sound. Most likely with careful thought and some concentration a clone could be given a limit range of ilusionar responses and be able to act semi-independent all from the mesmer. However, fully sentient clones and phantasms are not capable in creation.