Racial Abilities and Magics

The Races of Tyria all have some form of special ability be it the powerful shapeshifting magics of the Norn, or the strange healing and plant directing powers of the Sylvari.


Sylvari Abilities

“Sylvari are not born. They awaken beneath the Pale Tree with knowledge gleaned in their pre-life Dream. These noble beings travel, seeking adventure and discovery. They struggle to balance curiosity with duty, eagerness with chivalry, and warfare with honor. Magic and mystery entwine to shape the future of this race that has so recently appeared.”
-Official Sylvari Racial Page

Sylvari are connected to plans and the world in a way that other races are not. They often call animals brother and seemed to have limited abilities similar tonature rituals and plant manipulation. While these abilities are not entirely as impressive as throwing a fire ball at the enemy they are capable of summoning grasping roots and growing turrets to defend themselves in a fashion.


Norn Abilities

“On one of their hunts, Jora and her brother encountered a great, dark power, and were transformed by it. She lost her Nornish ability to shapeshift into bear form, while her brother suffered a darker fate. Now without a family or homestead, she hunts across the Norn lands of the Far Shiverpeaks seeking redemption of her name and forgiveness by the Bear Spirit.”
-Wiki Entry on Jora – Guild Wars: Eye of the North Manuscripts

The Norn race is known for one particular ability and that is taking on the form of their chosen Spirit or Spirits of the Wild. This ability is tied to their relationship with the spirit as it is not simply turning into the form of the spirit, but is more of a “becoming”. When a norn takes on the form of bear they are “becoming the bear”. This is a shamanistic connection to the animal of the Spirit in question. The connection in a minor way also allow norn to call upon members of animals of the spirit in question to fight alongside them in battle.

“The norn are a valiant race of huge, shape-shifting barbarians that hail from the frozen north. Strong-willed, passionate, and brave to a fault, the fiercely independent norn swear fealty to no single being. Guided in this world by their Spirits of the Wild, which embody the virtues of the mightiest beasts, the norn see life as a grand adventure.”
-Official Norn Racial Page


Asura Abilities

“The Asura are a race of diminutive but incredibly intelligent humanoids who live beneath the surface of Tyria. They see the world as a complex magical machine, and their philosophy of “Eternal Alchemy” touches everything they do. Inventors, scientists, and spellcasters of every stripe, the Asura consider many other races beneath them—and are not afraid to tell them so at every opportunity.”
-Asura Wiki Entry – Guild Wars: Eye of the North Manuscripts

Asura are a small, somewhat mouthy race from the Depths of Tyria who see the world as aspects of a philosophy they call the Eternal Alchemy. Their skill in technology has lent the Asura a greater understand of manipulating and channeling the energy inherit in magic. This has allowed them to invent and masterabilities such as golemancy or transportation wonders such as the asura gate.

“This race of small, long-eared mad scientists is uniformly brilliant, utilizing and analyzing magic itself for its inventions and research.”
-Official Asura Racial Page


Human Abilities

“The humans of Tyria are a proud but embattled race. Over the centuries, they have lost much of their land and have even lost their gods, but the resilient humans can adapt to seemingly any circumstances. Today, the human race maintains their unshakeable spirit in the face of harrowing adversity.”
-Official Human Racial Page

Humans have not seen the Six Gods since the advent of Nightfall which led to the rise of Kormir. Even though their gods have become almost completely absent in mortal affairs the race has the ability to still beseech and pray. These prayers often do render some abilities, some which allow the ability to transform into an avatar of Melandru or simply gain a healing boon from Dwayna. None of these abilities are however that extensive or long lasting.