Sidhe Anatomy

The Sidhe are one of the most populous and yet diverse peoples in the lands of Altear. All Sidhe appear human in some manner the big difference is a few key features however. Sidhe are often taller, and more physically powerful than humans. In the mortal stories of the Fair Folk (another name for the Sidhe), they were described as a tall, powerful and attractive people. In many cases that description is not far off. Compared to a human most races in Altaer are often more attractive, or physically fit. This is part of their divine nature as common descendants from the ancient gods of antiquity. In the case of the Sidhe, this descent has given them a large varied appearance ranging from fiery red hair, to wolf-like eyes and teeth.

The main determiner in the “physical traits” inherent to each Sidhe is generally based upon the Clann and Sept the individual comes from. Each Sept has its own set of physical traits unique to it and it alone, each Clann then often shares either a common emotional temperament and or physical aspect unique to that Clann alone.

Male Sidhe tend to grow facial hair, but in generally the Sidhe have light to no body hair. While women are often varied in form from lith huntresses to curvaceous matriarchs. The fact of the Sidhe’s body is that their metabolism is often quicker and more efficient than that of a mortals. This has lent them greater strength, quicker reflexes, and decent regenerative abilities. This means in combat the Sidhe are ferocious, quick and devastating when in small groups. However, large scale battles often play against them as their generally clannish nature and passionate outburst can quickly cause them to resort to in fighting.

The emotional status of the Sidhe is perhaps one of their greater weaknesses. Sidhe feel their emotions at least twice as much as any human. It can be controlled, but when a Sidhe is angry it is difficult for them to not visibly appear so. When a Sidhe feels sorrow they experience it as a mountain falling down upon them. The truth is that the Sidhe are just passionate, when they experience or express it is often double the magnitude of that of a human.

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Pure Blood (Ioc íon)

The Sidhe descend from the ancient gods that mortals called the Tuatha De Danann. From this divine parentage the Sidhe gain magical prowess, unearthly vitality, and a menagerie of physical appearance traits. Because of their divine bloodlines the Sidhe have over time come to practice a concept they simple call Ioc Ion, the Pure Blood. The practice of Pure Blood status did not begin till after the Wars of Old when the ancestors of the Sidhe began to perish and disappear. Without the leadership of their godly parents the Sidhe began to look to their strongest leaders for guidance. Over time this determination on strength in leadership and the sorrow felt over the loss of their paternal ancestors created the basis of Ioc Ion.

To many Sidhe a ruler and leader must have the following prerequisites:

  • Strength of body and mind.

  • No visible physical impairments.


Along with the basis of a ruler, the Sidhe began to associate strong physical similarites with their Septs founding ancestor as a mark of true or “pure” blood status. Those of the ruling or Lord Class that grew out of the craftiest, pious, righteous, and strongest of the blood of the Tribes of Danu. Over time the closer that one came to appear to the original descriptions of a Sept’s given founder. The strongest physical and mental inheritance of the Tribes of Danu became the modern day known “traits” of the Septs.

The more prevalent a Sidhe’s traits, the purer they are. In the instance of cross-Sept or cross-Clann children the Pure Blood status can come into question. Traits are primarily inherited from the mother so if a child’s mother is an Ua Flidais they will inherit more of her traits over a Ua Lir father. Sometimes a throwback can occur where a child born of several mixed marriages appears to inherit the full array of traits of a given Sept. This occurs when one of the child’s parents is the member of the same Sept of a Grandparent of the child (both must be pure blood or at least half-blooded members of the Sept).

Some Sidhe measure purity in what is known as blood quantom this can be measured in this manner:

  • Pure Blood – Full traits of the Sept, parents are pure blooded.

  • Half-Bloods – Children born of Sidhe of two different Septs.

  • Fourth-Bloods – Those born of Half-bloods.



For all of their strengths the Sidhe still have several prevalent weaknesses, the greatest of which is the metal, Iron. To a Sidhe Iron is not just an allergy, it is a horrible evil substance that kills by merely being near it. The reason why Sidhe react to Iron the way they do is not really known, all that is known is that they and a few other races of Altear suffer (the Vila and the Parzyk) similar problems. Iron as a metal as the queer and strange effect of absorbing the life force or magical soul of a Sidhe. When a Sidhe touches it the iron also burns their skin.

Iron by definition devours the magical nature of the Sidhe.  This is because of the near pure magical nature of the race and the metals ability to simply eat away at the soul of its victims. Purity of Iron plays greatly into the effects that is applied.

  • 1-14% – Tingling in the skin.
  • 15-20% – Unease and lightness of the head.
  • 29-40% – Disorientation and dizzying spells.
  • 41-60% – Head pains.
  • 61-65% – Head pains and tingling of skin.
  • 66-70-% – Head pains, tingling of skin, and disorientation.
  • 71-80% – Head pains, numbing of skin, and disorientation.
  • 81% or greater – Slight feeling of Nausea with sickness increasing with ever increased purity.


The amount of Iron also plays part into the radius of the affect:

  • Needle sized Iron chunk only causes the effect at perhaps a foot at most.
  • A sword of iron would cause the feeling within a yard or five feet.
  • A cubic solid chunk of Iron causes the feeling within twenty-five feet.
  • The sensation of Iron weakness generally is within a few seconds or instantaneous depending upon purity.


The quantity of the iron will also start to increase the effects by half once the amount has quadrupled the previous amount. At 1 cubic foot, a 100% pure piece of Iron causes strong nausea, head pangs, and unease within twenty-five feet. If increased to four cubic feet, that radius is double to fifty feet. Any form of ingesting Iron automatically leads to Iron Poisoning which can kill the victim. Lesser pure forms of Iron generally lead to paralyzation and pain in the flesh. Direct contact with Iron of 30% or higher against the flesh can cause a direct burning sensation to the victim.

Only two know substances can dampen the affects of Iron:

  • Lead bound in leather – This combination will dampen the affect of Iron purity by thirty percent (additional layers result in halved affects for each layer added), and halves the range of the Iron object inquestion. However it will slowly lose its affect with the dampening affect being halved every additional week after the initial week of usage. For “reuse” of the same dampening item it takes two weeks for the initial decay to wear off.
  • Witchwood – A rare weapon and armor substance that dampens Iron weakness by seventy percent, but only for short periods (max of one hour minutes against 100% purity).


Another common weakness of the Sidhe is their addiction to the strange mixture of milk and honey known as milbainne. For some reason the mixture of the sugar and the milk causes a euphoric reaction in the user. Over time milbainne drinkers often feel a growing sense of addiction. It is a mild addiction, but still one nonetheless. Sidhe are also susceptible to poppy addiction from the substance traded from the Ashurid Empire in the far eastern lands of Serakim.

Finally Sidhe take a while to learn the same skills that a human would learn. This puts them at a disadvantage over other races who can train and field warriors faster than the Sidhe This also means it takes the Sidhe much longer in general to educate and prepare their children (the reason Sidhe Children are kept in the family usually till they are twenty-five or thirty). The upside to this disability is it lends the Sidhethe ability to retain and remember things at greater length.

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Aging and Maturation

The age and maturation of the Sidhe compared to a mortal can be certainly considered strange and fantastical to say the least. On average a Sidhe lives to well over three hundred years though this is a fate only generally shared by the Client and Lord classes. Commoners mayhap live to half that with most living to perhaps seventy depending upon the existence of Clann Feuds or just the dangers of the world in general.

Sidhe age similar to humans for the first twenty-five years of their life. Generally a Sidhe matures physically and sexually around the age of fifteen, but is not fertile till the age of twenty. When a Sidhe reaches the age of twenty-five they cease to physical age. At this point they weill be held in an ageless outer form till they reach what is known as their “Final Years”. A mark of the last twenty-five years of their lives. During the Final Years the Sidhe will age a bit look to be about forty or even fifty in age. Once they reach the last year they fall asleep and die.

The fact that they do not age naturally for nearly three hundred years or more does not remove the fact that the rigors of the world do put stresses on the body of a given Sidhe. Those who go to war and the harms of life will physical reveal it in the form of wrinkles or scars. Those who undertake great stress will see marks of it in the form of graying hair or tired appearances permanently etched on their form.



Sidhe are able to have intercourse physically around the age of fifteen and they are unable to have children till the age of twenty. When they turn twenty they are able to fully bear children. Female Sidhe are perhaps able to decide their fertility to a point. This comes from the natural magical soul of their very nature, however at the same time this ability is not instant. When a Sidhe woman wishes to be fertile she remains so for three weeks and then must wait a month until it happens again. On the offside this means that Sidhe unlike human mortals do not suffer from menses.

Another aspect of Sidhe reproduction is that it takes them ten months to carry a child to term, and that both male and females remain fertile until their Final Years. Childbirth for the Sidhe can be painful and taxing as the creation of a new magical soul acts like a piece of Iron within the mother. In the end Sidhe can produce many children over their lifetime. Some Clanns even started originally as several bloodlines from the same mother or father.


Healing Factor

The Sidhe are harmed by Iron and they are addicted to a mixture of milk and honey. Their ability to heal is greater than that of a human, but it does not prevent scartring or even worse. The truth is that the Sidhe simply clot and bleed less than a human. This is perhaps one reason they can sustain cuts in battle and push on. It should be note that their metabolism does play against them partially in this regard. Because of their healing ability when hurt a Sidhe must consume greater quantities of fat and protein when healing.

Their ability to resist disease is on par with humans. Sidhe create natural resistance over time and not in a while has a major illness plague the likes of Cels.