Courts of the Sidhe

Years after the death of Nuada High King of the Silver-Arm dynasty a divide began to appear among the Children of Danu. This division would only become more present after the century of war with the Vanir and Aesir during the first Norland invasions under Dagda High King. After the invasion was ended the Sidhe split down the middle into the twin Courts of Unseleigh and Seleigh. These two would then bicker and feud for centuries more as they would become the two rallying factions during the Great Clann War. Each court vies for the right to rule the High Kingdom and its supplicants are often willing to do whatever it takes to gain that power.


The Seleighe Court (Blessed Court)

The Seleighe were formed in the Province of Kernow during the reign of Dagda High King. Along with their compatriots in lost Cymru (a province that has fallen to Clann’s End). Years after the Vanir invasion of old the Seleighe pushed for reforms against slavery and land rights for the peasant class. Their actions earned them the ire of the Unseleigh who saw them their open mindedness as an attack on the Sean-nos (the old way) of the Sidhe Race.

The Seleigh court follows the ideals of reform and open trade. To them the close minded ideals of the Unseleigh have led the lands of Cels to ruin for years. Many members of the Court from various walks of life and are often members of the Hawthorn Guard of the Danuist faith.

Art by Mariana-Vieira


The common beliefs and platform of the Seleighe Court are:

  • Expanded trade with outside sources, including the Norlanders.

  • Expand diplomatic relatinoships with other nations.

  • Harsher enforcement on the rules controlling Clann War.

  • Requiring hanging for all murders, no more blood price.


Secretly the Seleighe supports:

  • Trading Iron to gain funds.

  • Removing trade tarriffs to gain more funds for themselves.


The Unseleighe Court (Unblessed Court)

The Unseleighe Court was founded in the aftermath of the Aesir invasion by several promising landed Lords from the province of Alba. These men and women had served with ferocity and determination during the War and were heavily rewarded by the High King. From their experiences the nobles formed a new Court in an effort to stave off what they considered was the degradation of their own people. After the war with the Aesir many new ideas had become in the aftermath of the First Aesir Invasion. These new ideas included raising peasants to a new Class giving creating the now existing Client Class. It also included a split from the Danuist Church moving to raise some of the Ancestors to the same level as Danu herself into the cosmology of the Sidhe.

After its formation the Court became a rallying cry for the more conservative and nationalistic members of Sidhe Society.

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The common belief and message of the Unseleighe Court are:

  • Promoting and encouraging the uniqueness of Sidhe identity.

  • Promoting the nationalism of the High Kingdom and its respective provinces.

  • Strengthening the High Kingdom against outside threats such as the Aesir.

  • Strengthening the ruling infrastructure of the High Kingdom.


Secretly the Unseleighe support:

  • Supports slavery.

  • Supports open Clann War.


The Scathan Court (The Mirror Court)

The Scathan are the youngest of the of the courts and were formed after the Great Clann War from dissident members of the Client and Peasnt Classes. Eventually the outlaw nature of the Mirror Court drew the attention of the rebellious members of Clann Heron. Over time the Scathan evolved into a political faction based upon ideals of of the two previous Courts to create something new. As a court, the Scathan believe that the Sidhe race must be strong, yet be willing to open itself to outside investment. They are about the survival of Cels, and are willing to take many measures to ensure it.

This strange mixture of dissidence, outlaw attitude, and nationalism has bred a unique take on Sidhe politics among the Scathan. They are not anarchists, but they are against the unrightful lack of representation for some of the smaller Clanns.

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The common beliefs and platform of the Scathan Court are:

  • Preserving the national and cultural identity of Cels and her provinces.

  • Promoting the smaller regions and lesser known groups in Cels.

  • Encouraging the retaking of Cymru and colonizing Prydain of old.

  • Expanding the military defense of Cels to deal with possible threats.


Secretly the Scathan supports:

  • Using Iron to kill political rivals.

  • They have worked with the Criminal Orders to get funding for their politics.