Clanns of the Sidhe

Once long ago the ancient gods of mortals walked the lands of Cels. From the Lost Home beneath the branches of Crann Beatha they fought the war against the Fomori. It was with the might Nuada’s blessed Silverarm and the works of Lughs great spear Areadbhair  slew the enemy lord, Old King Balor. From then on the Tuatha De Danann split up the land they had conquered and began to fill it with their blood. From their lines sprung the first of the Clanns. Each was powerful in its own right, but over time war and feud reduced the Clanns to what they are today.

Each Clann and in turn Sept claims descent from one of the Aes Dana (another name for the Tuatha De Danann) from their blood they claim divine rulership and right to Cels. These individuals are often known as the Clann’s or Sept’s Founder, and in turn imparted some of themselves upon their progeny.

Clanns in Cels and nearby regions are separated into four Categories (Please note all playable clanns are marked as such and non-playable are marked accordingly):

  • Great Clann – One of the Six Clanns of the High Kingdom recognized as possessing on of the Taoiseach of the Clann Gathering of the the High Throne.

  • Lost Clann – One of the Clanns of fabled Prydain or the Lost Home.

  • Outlaw Clann – One of the Clanns of the isles of Manann or lost Cymru who refuses to acknowledge the High Throne for various reason.



The Great Clanns

The Great Clanns who hold one of the voting seats found within the Clann Gathering of the High Kingdom. The Great Clanns formed after the consolidation of the twelve major and the many minor tribal Clanns battle during the Great Clann War. Taking up the emblems of the great animal spirits of Sidhe legend, the new Clanns forged the current ruling oligarchy of the High Kingdom. It is the Great Clanns who elect the High King and it is tey who control most of the land of Cels.

Great Clanns of Cels

Clann Sea Dragan

“We rule the depths.”

The Sea Dragan fought against hard against the Aesir fleets in both invasions and are renowned throughout Cels for their mastery of the Sea. They are known for traditional values and steadfast brotherhood in the face of adversity. Of all the Clanns the Sea Dragan are the most entrenched in the beliefs of Sean-Nos or the Old Way. They generally staunch supporters of the of the Unseleigh Court though a few have taken up the ways of the Scathan.

Members of the Clann are often somewhat dour or stoic in their nature. From years of fighting on the coasts and braving the waves of the Ice sea, they are not a group to question when determined. During the Great Clann War the Sea Dragan used their superior naval skills to combat the rebellion Clanns of the Isles of Manann. In the Battle that preceded off the coast of the largest isle of Inish Mor the united forceds of the rebelling Clann of Heron broke the Sea Dragan blockaded. After the War the Sea Dragan showed everlasting respect for anyone who could best them in a fight, especially at sea.

Sea Dragan members come from varied Septs from the dour Ua Lir to the fair haired Ua Nuada. Because of their varying nature each Sept plays a different role in the Clann’s day to day duties.

Art by Pickyme


Ua Lir

Sept Traits:

  • Their finger nails are harder and sharpen natural into “Dragan Talons”.

  • They generally have light colored eyes and dark hair.

  • The Ua Lir often excel in Water Charms.


They are of the Sea, the very descendants of the ancient lord of the waves, Lir. From that heritage the Ua Lir have gained an innate intuition for measuring the seas and navigating them. Their connection and understanding with the great Sea Dragan monsters of the depths is also another strange trait of the Sept. Members of the Ua Lir act as Clann Sea Dragan’s administrators, naval force, and in general their warriors. When the Clann goes to war or needs a strong hand they call upon the will of the Ua Lir. THey are no nonsense type who are often quick to anger and quicker to forget slights. For that reason they often rely upon the silver tongue of the Ua Nuada in diplomatic situations.


Ua Nuada

Sept Traits:

  • Generally have light or silver shining hair.

  • Pale skin and silver eyes.

  • Affinity for Earth Charms in the use of manipulating metal.


They were once thought to be a dead Sept that died with son of Nuada (its founder), but were revealed to be many. The Ua Nuada are the blood of the first High King of Cels and from that blood they inherited a love of rule, diplomacy and the game for the High Throne. As a Sept they are known for their usage of Earth Charms to locate metals and are known as deadly quick witted warriors in singular combat. Temperamentally the Ua Nuada are cold and at times uncaring. Their demeanor once played heavily against them in the social arena, which in turn caused the sept members to take on a more quiet role politically as diplomats for Clann Sea Dragan.


Ua Anann

Sept Traits:

  • Dark or brown hair, and grey eyes.

  • Pale or tan skin.

  • Affinity for shadow based Solid Charms or Venom Charms.


Anann of the deathly vision was known as a goddess of war and demise. Her descendants inherited her love of battle, but also her brooding and decisive nature. For this reason the Ua Anann are known as the righteous fist of Clann Sea Dragan. When the Ua Lir take to their ships the Ua Anann take to their chariots. Many among the other Clans have often called the Anann a lost member of Clann Raven, but the Sept is loyal to the identity of Abla and the Sea Dragan. As a Sept the Ua Anann are highly ritualistic in their dealings with others. When they greet others they tend to make a quick gesture to ward off evil; when they make for war they always demand a druid to bless their weapons. To the Anann when they make actions they consider themselves the culling force of Cels in the same manner that their ancestor culled the Fomori.


Ua Fand

Sept Traits:

  • Light eye colors, pure bloodlines favor blue colors.

  • Dark hair with blue highlights.

  • Affinity for Water Charms, and Wild Charms


Fand was the beauitful daughter of Lir himself, a maid whose skill in magic was said to be the pride of Alba! Though she was a child of Lir, hers was such a unique skill with the waves of the Ice Sea that the woman built her own Sept of followers. When the Ua Lir built their boats, the Ua fand lived only at sea. Mastering the waves it was the Ua Fand who ran the great great scout ships and merchant vessels of Cels. It was they who also learned to tame the great Sea Dragans (though in rare occurrences) and it is only they who can call upon the Clann’s totem in combat. Within the Clann, the Fand act as magical scholars, mariners, and tradesmen. They are not generally combat oriented Sept, but they are willing to take to the spear or sword when necessary. Their skills in Wild Charms are renowned as they have learned to summon great beasts from the seas themselves to destroy their enemies.


Clann Wolf

“Fear the night!”

Clann Wolf was formed from the shattered members of the Ua Flidais and Ua Clíodhna Clanns during the Great Clann War. Seething from the defeat the two had suffered at the hands of the Septs of Clann Elk and Raven, they have yet to give up their feud. For this reason it is not uncommon to find members of Clann Wolf mixed up in illegal trade or trying their best to sabotage the workings of the other Clanns in secret. Many among the High Kingdom have come to expect nothing, but conspiracy and or plotting to undo their enemies. This level of mistrust afforded to the Clann is not unfounded as it wsa the Ua Flidais Sept which sparked the Great Clann War by attacking the ruling family of the Ua Lugh all those years before.

No one could quite fathom why the blood of Flidais and Clíodhna bound themselves all those years ago into the formation of Clann Wolf. After the initial formation and loss at the Battle of Wolf Harrow during the Clann War, the Wolves courted more Septs. Growing their numbers to more efficiently guard their lands. Members of Clann Wolf are generally passionate, questioning and in some cases paranoid. They have a slightly racist tone to their beliefs as they rarely let a grudge go without payment. This tendency has led them to often formulate feuds and even to start Wars over a simple slight. They are however not foolish and are prone to planning out their moves carefully even passing down the plans over generations.

Art by michellemonique


Ua Flidais

Sept Traits:

  • Tannish skin or fair skin.

  • Wolfish feral eyes and pronounced canines.

  • Sharpened nails.

  • Affinity for animals and husbandry.


The Ua Flidais are the descendants of the Beast Queen of Old who was said to stalk the land of Cels in the dark of night. They are the blood enemies of the Ua Lugh Sept and are often seen plotting some sort of downfall for them. Ua Flidais are are known to be connected to various criminal organizations throughout Cels and more specifically the slave trade. Their history with slavery has often played against them in their interactions with others. However, their keen sense of trade has earned them a name throughout the High Kingdom for hard bargaining and decisive deal making. Even the members of Clann Fox will acknowledge that a Flidais can easily hold their own at the negotiators table. In Clann Wolf they are the politicians and the tradesmen while the Clíodhna act as the warriors and assassins.


Ua Clíodhna

Sept Traits:

  • Pale or white skin.

  • Nearly white eyes or light crystal blue eyes.

  • Affinity for Sound Glamour.


In the world of mortals Clíodhna was the Queen of the Banshee the heralds of death and the takers of souls. In Altear the Clíodhna are the descendants of one of the few Septs known to be born with an affinity for Sound Glamour. Their skills as song writers, bards and storytellers are renowned throughout the lands of Cels. Along with their skills at singing the Clíodhna act as Clann Wolf’s soldiers and sometimes assassins when needed. Their skills in combat are not nearly as renowned as those of other Septs, but they do have their skills. Their dark appearance aside the Clíodhna are strangely open minded and outgoing Sept. In many ways they are the counter to the brooding and temperamental attitude of the Flidais.

Ua Aed

Sept Traits:

  • Black hair.

  • Slightly pale skin.

  • Grey eyes.

  • Afinity for Death Glamour.


Aed was the silent eldest son of Lir, and the elder brother of Fand. He was a dour sort who courted the Banshee Queen, Clíodhna, herself. Strangely much like his sister Aed split from his father’s bloodline to found his own. Not a child of the sea like other Ua Lir, he becme a skilled hunters and guardsman. It is said he was the one that stood over the body of High King Nuada when he passed and served last rights over the honored dead of the Wars of Old. The Ua Aed in the modern day are skill magic users, huntsmen, and warriors. They often complement the more musical nature of the banshee Clíodhna. When the banshees take to the fields of battle or move in to assassinate someone, the Aed make up the Clann champions and bodyguards.


Ua Airmed

Sept Traits:

  • Light grey or white hair.

  • Slightly silvery tint to skin.

  • Affinity for Song and Dream.

  • Skills in herblore to aid in healing.


There are few renowned enchanters in the history of Cels, and one of them was Airmed of the Fair-Sky. She was the daughter of the famous god of healing, Dian Cecht, and was said to have mastered a form of Song Glamour that even to this day is only legend. The Ua Airmed are a fun loving and yet strangely sorrowful bloodline. Claiming descent from one of the masterful healders of the Wars of Old, the Ua Airmed are masters at herblore and brewing. Among the wolves they are also the craftsman and the teachers. A strange mixture of scholar, druid and healer, they act as the intellectual backbone of Clann Wolf. Often called the Winter Wolves of their light complexion and hair, the Airmded are sometimes confused for members of the Ua Nuada. The big difference being that an Airmed is far more diplomatic than the children of the First High King.


Clann Raven

“Blood of Raven, Blood of War”

Forged from the confederation of Clanns by the same name, Clann Raven has arisen as one of the most powerful military factions in the modern High Kingdom. The Raven make their home in the land known as the Great Coill, a vast thick forest situated in the western counties of Eire. Known as the Coil or Forest-Folk, the Raven have their own dialect of the old tongue (Sean Teanga) and are known for their thick accents and slightly uncouth ways. Their more warlike nature in general has often placed them at odds with those that do not know them, and their tendency to squabble amongst themselves has usually made them weak to a point. In the past it has been the strong leadership of the Ua Morrigan which united the four Septs and it still falls to the Morrigan to this day to forge the Raven anew each generation.

Clann Raven members are a rowdy and spirited bunch known for their varied appearances, but their love of revel and a good time. As members of the Coill folk they tend to uphold the blood of family and the allegiance of friends in the highest honor. Members of the raven are known being ritualistic, spirited, and in some cases unhinged. However, there is no clan with more renowned honor or allegiance than that of the Raven.

Art by Mu-An


Ua Mórrígan

Sept Traits:

  • Black or dark brown hair with feather aspects

  • Affinity for Ravens.

  • Affinty for Air Charms.

  • Green eyes.


They are the blood of the Phantom Queen and the ancient lover of the Dagda before he took Caer of the Silver Swan as his bride. The Ua Mórrígan are the diplomats and war leaders of the Raven and have been for nearly a thousand years. Mórrígan and her three siblings Nemain, Badb and Mach were once known as the Scald-Crows, a band of Danu’s daughters who reveled in war and bloodshed. Chief among them was Mórrígan, a woman of unrivaled anger and jealously factors she passed onto her children. Even today the the Ua Mórrígan are considered by some to be irrational and are sometimes prone to violent rages. At the same time they are also considered whimsical and perhaps the most unpredictable of the Raven Septs.


Ua Nemain

Sept Traits:

  • Crimson or flaming red hair and eyes.

  • Affinity for Fire Charms.

  • Very passionate emotions.


The Ua Nemain were born from the younger wilder sister of Mórrígan who like her sister loved to revel and drink. However, unlike the Phantom Queen, Nemain was far less controlled and less likely to take to fits of jealousy. In fact Nemain was far more well known for her protective nature of family and friend. In the modern day the Nemain make up the vanguard of Clann Raven and are the first alongside the Mórrígan when battle is called. Among themselves the Nemain are known for their steadfast loyalty in friends and family their love of hard drink and revel. Of all the Raven Septs they are the most visual in their moods and it is not hard to read a Nemain’s heart when it is always displayed on their sleeve.


Ua Macha

Sept Traits:

  • Greenish eyes and hair.

  • Affinity for Crows, Horses and the forest.

  • Affinity for earth charms.


Their ancestor was Macha the Sovereign, a woman who was legendary for her skilled horsemanship and the ability to trick any suitor she pleased. Her children inherited her mind and it is they who keep and breed the Capall Coill or “Wood Horses”; the Capall Coill are a special breed of equine made for the thick underbrush and dim light of the forest floor. The Macha are also the keepers of the Witch Wood groves deep in the great Coill. A material as hard as Iron, only the Macha know how to grow wthe strange trees. When the Raven go to war the Macha stride alongside their comrades as the most feared longbowman in CEls. In peace they act as the stewards of the fest and the keepers of the Raven way of life.


Ua Badb

Sept Traits:

  • Dark hair and dark tan skin.

  • Affinity for Body Charms.

  • Solid black eyes.


The Ua Badb are known as the conservative and restrained aspect of Clann Rave. Where the other Septs are running hot, the Badb are cool and collected. When the other Septs go to war it is the Badb who smith the weapons and train the soldiers for the next generation. Badb by nature are smiths, teachers, and mystics. They are akin to the other Raven for their love of battle, but they differ in the application of said love. Throughout the High Kingdom Ua Badb mercenaries, war teachers, and druids are common place. Wherever there is the study of war or the art of combat the Badb are surely to be there. What is remarkable about the Badb is their love of learning, but the fact that the use it for violent means. Be it tempering the best weapon, or teaching the most efficient killing blow the Badb seek greater understanding of the ways of combat.


Clann Fox

“Weather all dangers with guile.”

Within the Tribes of Danu there was a trio of men known as Trí Dée Dána or the three Gods of Art. From their blood were born the crafting Clanns of old who spent years crafting the greatest weapons and armor the Sidhe had ever seen. During the Great Clann War the Crafter Clanns were raided constantly by forces of all sides of the civil war. For many long years they had been alone and united they became a forced to be reckoned. Through their new united front the newly ordained Clann Fox began to rebuild the neglected trade system of Cels. Not long after their work began the Fox soon found themselves building new fortresses and towns along the lakes and rivers of Eire. Their defensive structures came in time as the rebuilding period after the Clann War soon turned the Fox into some of the most prevalent traders and bankers in the High Kingdom.

Foxes tend to be shrewd smiths, traders and bankers. They are not necessarily warriors, but they are able to fight if necessarily. Their attitude generally toward war has been it is bad for business and it was this reason that they often backed the Seleighe Court in the past, though that has changed in recent times.

Art by capprotti


Ua Goibniu

Sept Traits:

  • Bronze or blond hair.

  • Bronze eyes.

  • Affinity for Artifact Crafting.


He was called Goibniu the Bronze-Hammer, and he was the mastersmith of the Tuatha De Danann. It was he who crafted the sword used by High King Nuada in the war against the Fomori over a thousand years ago, and it is within his divinely blooded children that the skills of mastery live on! The Goibniu are the leaders and lords of Clann Fox and through sheer force of will do they keep the bickering smiths, tradesmen, and bankers under control. Goibniu are known as a quiet, intelligent, and introspective. In the Clann they act as the quiet judge, the silent hand, and overall the anchoring force behind the creative insanity that sometimes wracks the other Septs. Their silent patience has also lent the Goibniu as reputation for being fine brewmasters as they are said to make the greatest mead and beer in all of Cels.


Ua Creidhne

Sept Traits:

  • Violet eyes and violet streaks in hair.

  • Generally brown or blonde hair.

  • Silvery flecks on skin that gives it a sheen.

  • Affinity for Earth Charms.


Creidhne was the middle son of the three brothers known as the Gods of Art. Alongside Goibniu he casted and forged some of the greatest weapons in the history of the High Kingdom. The Ua Creidhne are skilled like the Goibniu in metal working and in craft in general. Their greatest strength however is in the making of armor, and the crafting of fortresses. When the Fox go to war it is the Creidhne who take up the first line of defense while the Luchtaine prepare the their traps for siege. The Ua Creidhne are outspoken, loud and in general brazen when it comes to dealing with others. This attitude has often lost them clients, but their great talent usually has enough of a following to prevent them from going broke. For this reason however, the Ua Goibniu often act as their agents and representatives.


Ua Luchtaine

Sept Traits:

  • Jade eyes and streaks in hair.

  • Generally dark hair.

  • Affinity for Illusion Glamour.


The Ua Luchtaine were born of the youngest brother of the Gods of Art. While Creidhne crafted the legendary silver arm of Prince Nuada, and Goibniu crafted Lughs spear, Luchtaine’s contribution was story. Members of the Luchtaine are known for their oratory, poetry, and general artistic skills. While the Creidhne are brazen, and the Goibniue are silent, the Luchtaine are playful and thrill seeking. For a Luchtaine challenges of creation are the greatest thing they can try for. In many ways they are the salesmen of the of Clann Fox. When the Goibniu lead the Luchtaine perform and woo potential clients and allies. Within Clann Fox they are the voices that ring loudest when something goes wrong, and they are the ones most likely to protest when they don’t get what they want.

Ua Boann

Sept Traits:

  • Quick witted nature.

  • Red streaks through hair.

  • Red eyes.

  • Tan Skin with silver flecks.


The Ua Boann are descended from the legendary Goddess of the Rivers, Boann. A former lover of the Dagada, Boann was known for her gifts of wit, and silver tongue. Their ancestors connection to the rivers would inadvertently gift the Sept with not only navigation skills, but prime swimming skills. There is a reason they are known as the River Selkies among the Clanns of Eire, and why silent respect is given to the tradesmen that work the rivers of the Rovers canal. As members of Clann Fox, the Ua boann are unrelated to the other Septs, and have at times come to be seen as outsiders by their fellow Clannsmen. This has placed them precariously in the spot of acting as traders and caravan masters for the craft halls of the Fox. Generally members of the Sept are known for being carefree, open minded, and gift of gab. FOr many years the Ua Boann have maintained a long standing feud with the Ua Abhean of Clann Swan over the death of the Abhean Sept founder by Boann’s son, Aengus.



Clann Elk

“I shall never falter.”

The warriors of Clann Elk fought valiantly during the Clann War against the forces of Alba and Eire. When the other Septs of Kernow began to fall the four Septs of Elk united and pushed back the invades from the hills and plains of their homeland with fury. Made from a marriage of Cymyri and Kernowyon families, the Elk forged a united identity in blood on the fields of battle. No other except the warrior Raven can fight like an Elk, and no other holds their own as well on the rolling hills of Kernow as Elk Calvary! After the Great Clann War the Elk returned to their counties in eastern Kernow on the foothills of the Iron Height mountains. There they rebuilt their lives and a culture of vineyards, artistry and honor. Like the Coil-Folk of the west, the Hill-Folk of Clann Elk are hardy, honorable and protective of their family.

Elk country is known for being spread out with open ranches, homesteads and orchards. From defensible nearby hill forts the Guards of the Clann are able to conduct patrols for bandits and marauders. Though the counties of the Elk are relatively safe compared to other parts of the High Kingdom. The Elk are in general a Clann of veteran warriors, bards, and storytellers. They seek to rebuild after years of war and are staunch supporters of the Seleighe Court.

Art by raxanimasi


Ua Ecne

Sept Traits:

  • Tall stature and tan skin.

  • Reddish tint to hair in streaks.

  • Emerald eyes.

  • Highly observant.


The Ua Ecne are the lords and leaders of Clan Elk, and alongside the other Septs have led the Clann to glory in the time leading up to the end of the Great Clann War. In the rebuilding era that occurred afterward they spent most of their time reclaiming land damaged in the War’s period of attrition. During that time the Ecne dropped their formerly warrior ethic and took up the lead of reconstruction and rebirth. This attitude became more prevalent as the newer generations of Ecne sought to undo the destruction caused by the Great Clann War. Many consider the Ecne to be idealistic, if not strong in their opinions about peace and reform. Within the Seleighe Court the Ecne are often seen as inciters, movers and shakers. Some have even joined the Mirror Court at times in the name of changing the face of the world. No matter what they, they seek to lead the Elk into a new era of stability for the High Kingdom.


Ua Danand

Sept Traits:

  • Silver fingernails and silvery eyes that reflect in darkness.

  • Speck of silver on their skin.

  • Light hair colors.

  • Affinity for Song Glamour


The Ua Danand claim descent from the granddaughter of Ogma himself, the god of learning. From her grandfather Danand inherited a natural love of scholarly pursuit that matches that of the Ua Goibniu of Clann Fox, and yet pushes them further towards the academic side of learning. The Danand are thus the historians, the teachers, and the primary Druids of Clann Elk. Many a nemed in Cels is kept alongside that of a Ua Danand and many of the world histories of Cels are kept by a Danand scholar. This owlish nature has at times caused many other Septs and Clanns to question not only the sanity, but also the stability of the Danand. For one their love of academics at times has placed the Danand in precarious situations when they deal with others. In general the Danand are not known for their social skills in general.


Ua Brigid

Sept Traits:

  • Dark skin and short stature.

  • Yellow eyes.

  • Affinity for birds of prey.

  • Skilled cavalry riders.


The Ua Brigid are one of the two Cymyri Clanns that along with the Ua Lugh united with the others to form Clann Elk. They might be the smallest statured of the Sidhe Septs, but they make up for that in tenacity and ferocity. Many call the Brigid the “little ravens” as they are seen as the smaller cousins of the Coil-Folk of Eire. They are in truth the warriors and cavalry riders that have made the Elk so well known for their skill in guerilla tactics. During the Great Clann War it was the Brigid who defended the lands of the Elk alongside the Ecne and the noble charioteers of the Lugh. For this they were granted the lands found on the border of the border of Eire. Here they have made a name for themselves as cattle raiders, tamers of the fierce hill Elk (which some ride into combat) and as fierce falconers. Even though they are small the Brigid are a haughty Sept known for their tempers and their ability to start a brawl. Alongside the quiet nature of the Danand or the singsong life of the Lugh some think they only play at being a member of a Great Clann.


Ua Lugh

Sept Traits:

  • Blonde hair and light colored eyes.

  • Ligh skin or slightly golden skin.

  • Sun-Lugh aura in bright sunny days


They were once known as the Children of the Son and the lords of Cymru. For many years the Ua Lugh held off a blood feud with the fferal minded Ua Flidais for centuries. It was this feud that led to the coming of the Great Clann War as the Ua Lugh won control of the High Throne. Led by the fabled Sun-Child family the Lugh hastily fell back to their allies in Kernow as the War erupted. From there they rebuilt their holdings and along with the Ecne founded Great Clann Elk. United in their new endeavors the brave warriors of the Sun surged forward and won many victories during the interim of the long years of the war. In the modern age the Ua Lugh are known for their bravery, their playfulness, and their desire to reclaim their lands over a century ago in Cymyru.


Clann Swan

“Rise and never fall.”

Clann Swan is aptly named as it was founded on the edge of the Ice Sea as a flock of Swans flew over the meeting that led to its birth. From the turmoil of the Clann War the nobility of coastal Kernow sought to reform and make strong that which they had lost in the years of extended blood feud. From this act was born a Clann focused on not only reform, but the reclamaition of years of loss at the hands of poor rulers and backstabbing politics. In this regard the Swans of Kernow can often be considered a self righteous type to those who do not know them. For this reason the Swan are perhaps the strongest defenders of the Hawkthorn Circle faith of the Danuist religion as many among the Clann consider their ancestors paramount in worship along with Danu herself. To the Swan it is the warrior and sagelike history of their ancestors that one must be held up to. Not even a Raven holds the Aes Dana in such holy regard as that of a Swan.

Other than their inner self righteousness the Swan are known for their sense of justice and honor. Never question a Swan’s honor as it often will result in major offense. No Clann has as strong as a sense of duty as the Swan.

Art by Isbjorg


Ua Caer

Sept Traits:

  • White or light blonde hair.

  • Feathery like aspect to hair.

  • Nearly all white eyes.

  • Affinity for Illusion Glamour


The Ua Caer are the children of the infamous second wife of High King Nuada, Caer the Swan Maid. The Ua Caer are the honor bound leaders of Clann Swann are lead the Clann in the face of adversity as they champion the Hawthorn Circle and the Seleighe Court. For years the Caer were a driving force within the Blessed Court and it was often their voices that were loudest during the discussions for reform. As a Sept the Caer are known for their vanity, love of physical achievement, and for their sense of desire. They might be a chivalrous sort, but they are also the most slight driven. The Caer are the reason that Clann Swan has a reputation for grudges (not a big one though) and they do have a habit of humiliating those they consider to have insulted them in someway.


Ua Bébinn

Sept Traits:

  • Dark hair and light skin.

  • Green or brown eyes.

  • Melodius voice.

  • Semi-Eidetic memory.


The Ua Bébinn are the researchers and scholars of Clann Swan, their druids are renowned for their knowledge of the ancient lore of Altear. The Bébinn are known in general for their quiet demeanor and accurate memories. There are few who can keep up with the scholarly ways of the even the Badb at times find themselves being drawn in circles they cannot fathom. In general they are known for their melodious voices, and somewhat mousey personalities. The Bébinn in general are a non-violent though they do maintain a small military force for defense. Their general political attitude is to let the Ua Caer do the leading and then spend more time among themselves. This attitude in general has fostered a sense of contention with other Septs especially those within Clanns Raven and Elk.


Ua Lén

Sept Traits:

  • Light hair and golden eyes.

  • Slightly tanned skin, along with natural black streaks through their hair.

  • Affinity for Water Charms.

  • Affinity for Artifact Creation, usually non-weapons.


Lén was said to be a skilled shipwright and smith that once seduce Fand the Long-Haired, daughter of Fildais. Creating bright vessels for Fand, he and his descendentws became renowned for their work as shipwrights and smiths. Their skill was said to even rival that of the Ua Goibniu in some respects. However, they are not the keen forgers of weapons that the Ua Goibniu are, nor are they master artisans in the same way the Luchtaine are. No what they are renowned for is their ability to build large scale projects. Fortresses, fortifications, ships and even simple houses are their forte. In Kernow no one builds drafts a building or ship without at least consulting an Ua Lén at least once.

Ua Abhean

Sept Traits:

  • Dark hair and pale golden or platinum eyes.

  • Affinity for Wild Charms (Avians).

  • Dark brown hair.

  • Love to collect items.

Abhean was a sly witted poet who traveled with the infamous warrior Lugh and his cadre of soldiers during the Wars of Old. Slain by Aegnus son of Boann, Abhean’s descendants eventually formed into some of the greatest Brehons and investigators the High Kingdom has ever seen. Their ability to disseminate information is unsurpassed in many circles. Known for being eccentric (even for a swan) the Ua Abhean maintain strong tes with the other Scholarly Septs such as the Badb and the Airmed of Clann Wolf. Possessing a distinctive rebellious streak the Sept has at times ignored the declaration of war against an enemy and continued to do business with them. One aspect of the Abhean is their love of collections, many often maintain great libraries of information to be used at later times. The Abhean maintain a longstanding feud with the Ua Boann for the death of their founded on Boann’s Son’s decision.


The Outlaw Clanns

Those who do not bow to the High Throne or lack any true recognition within the Clann Gathering are termed as Outlaw. Those who bear the Outlaw title are often criminals of the land and probably committed to open rebellion against the ruling nobility of the provinces. In many circumstances Outlaw Clanns represent populations and groups within the High Kingdom who lack true recognition with the other Great Clanns.

Art by Ratique

Many of the Outlaw Clanns were born from earlier rebellions like that of the Manann rebellion of the early rule of the Sun-Child Dynasty.

The Outlaw Clanns of Cels

Clann Heron (Unplayable for now)

“Brine and blood.”

Clann Heron was created by the Clanns of Manann who fought a brave and short lived rebellion against the Sun-Child Dynatsy. In actuality it was not the High Queen at the time who dispelled the Rebellion, but the likes of the Ua Lir that suppressed what many had begun to call the Manann Revolt. The Clanns of the Isles fought hard as the Inish-Folk of the Manann used their skills in navigation to put the mariners of the Sea Dragan to shame. It was after several years of occupation thereafter that the Great Clann War forced the Lir to fall back as their fortresses were assailed by armies from the Great Coill. That move freed the Septs of the Inish (the Isles of Manann) and allowed the islanders a level of indpendence they haven’t seen in many years.

Clann Heron was formed from the confederation of Septs found in the Inish and acts as the defacto government of the Isles of Manann. They pay heed to the rule of the Clann Gathering and the High Throne, but because they lack full representation in the Clann gathering they rule the Isles with a level of unofficial autonomy since no one truly claims rulership over them. The Heron are known as upstarts, secret supporters of the Scathan Court.


Clann Eagle (Unplayable for now)

“Cymru for the Cymyri!”

Clann Eagle was founded by members of various Cymyri Septs that wish to recolonize their lost homeland. Few know about them as they prefer to keep amongst themselves and rarely declare their allegiance in public. For this reason overall information about them is sparse at best.


The Lost Clanns

Prydain was the first home or the old home of the Tribes of Danu. For many years the Tribes dwelt in the mist filled mountains and valleys of Prydain without much trouble. Years into the settlement of the region fights broke out between Prince Nuada of the Tribes and several prominent chieftains. Overtime these feuds split the tribes as the larger force went west over the mountains to found the High Kingdom. What became of the Lost Clanns is unknown. Sitings of the Sidhe of Prydain or the Prydainii are rare and some say they paint their bodies in strange colors, with some Sidhe calling them the Pictii or the painted folk for this rumor.

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