Criminal Orders of Cels

Many years ago, Slavery was legal within the High Kingdom and female slaves were used as a currency called “Cumal”. However, the reign of High King Dagda ended that practice as the Courts pressed for new laws regulating the practice in general. Along with the usage of Iron, Slavery has become an illegal matter within Cels. Those that deal in the illegal or the criminal are thus members of one of the two Criminal Orders, large scale gang confederations that rule the Dark Market or the Underworld of Cels’ economy.


The Dark Market

At the center of High Kingdom’s underworld economy is the Dark Market, or the Margadh Dorcha. Within the confines of the Margadh Dorcha dwell the Tiarnaí Dorcha, “The Dark Lords”. Each Lord leads one of the powerful gangs of the twin orders of the Dark Market.  At the center Market resides the Dark Gathering, the mirror of the Clann Gathering of the High Kingdom. The rules of each Order and the gangs themselves each gain a vote on the Dark Council. With the actual Orders retaining their own ruling bodies.

Art by Satibalzane


Order Gangs

Each Order is made up of usually two to three Gangs each which are usually amoprhoroius and easily changed by whoever the leading Dark Lord of the Gang is. Gang Structure within the ORders is simple, as it mirrors typical Sidhe society. At the top are the lords who then choose “Clients” who act as their advisors, lieutenants, and shot callers. Below them are the brownies or simply the common folk, and the foot soldiers.

The Dark Lords of the Market often gain a name for themselves. The Wicked Lady of Tears was the leader of the Blood Tear gang just as the Grinning Lord ran the Grinning Jesters. Gang names are often based upon an aspect of the method or primary focus of the Gang in question. The Grinning Jesters sold Opium and  a variant from the lands of Ishua in the east that was known for causing its users to grin with euphoria.


Order of Brands

The Order of Brands (Slavery and Trafficking)

“The best product for the client.”

The Order of Brand represents the remainder of the Slave Trade within Cels. Formed centuries ago by members of several Clanns as the Slavers Guild. The Guild for over three hundred years acted as the driving force and the primary figure within the Sidhe Slave trade. When the vote came before the Clann Gathering to outlaw slavery, the guild lobbied long and hard, but lost. Afterward their very market was outlawed. Soon the guildmasters turned against the power of the High Kingdom and joined that of the Dark Market.

Members of the Order are known as Brandsmen or Brandswomen. Within the Brands a Dark Lord is often recognized with frightening respect. Anyone within the Order could easily become the next bit of product to be sold on the Dark Market. Because the products that the order sells are so illegal, the utmost care is taken when training and preparing a slave. The Client ranked members of Brandsman are the true trainers while the Brownies act as abductors and guards for the product and the Dark Lord acts as the primary seller and price setter.

Art by elizalento


The Slave Trade

The Slave trade within Cels is a specialty trade with each Gang and slave trader practicing a different overall aim. Some Gangs specialize in training whores, others courtesans. Some trade and prepare Sidhe for other races. Others partake in strange underground blood sports such as the fighting pits of the of the Dark Market. Overall, those who become slaves are often treated like cattle at best till they prove themselves broken and ready to be trained. Others are treated like prized pets. The truth is the treatment of a slave boils down to what the trainer in part hopes to accomplish. The cheaper the price, and the lower quality the slave is physically then the less likely they are going to be treated well.

Art by Tiobolasdoro

Slaves are controlled primarily through an artifact known as the “charm brand”. The brand is a piece of leather bound with bits of metal that is worn as a collar by all slaves. The charm brand blocks a Sidhe’s natural connection to the World Tree and allows the slave trainer to immobilize the slave with a word (a code decided at the charm brand’s, an artifact’s creation). To do so the slave trainer must simply look at the slave and say the word, a cold sensation then falls upon them, forcing them to stiffen as they fall to the ground.

Training of slaves usually falls down to what the slaver hopes to achieve. Whatever skills and mannerism are carefully mapped out beforehand. Then the slaver must mould their charge carefully to attain the goal they have. Usually the more work that goes into the slave the more expensive the individual will be.

Examples of slave pricing:

  • High class Courtesan – Ten Ormarcs

  • Pit Fighter – Five Marcs

Art by benitogallego


Order of Iron

Order of Iron (Smuggling and Narcotics)

“Whatever the client wants.”

The Order of Iron was founded after HIgh King Nuada forbade the usage of Iron in the assassination of one’s enemies. Several Sidhe, distraught over the new ruling quickly banded together to apply the justice that many had seen as the ultimate payment for betrayal. For many years since leaving the World Tree and the Mother Goddess’ eyes, the Sidhe had used their worse enemy, Iron, as a means to punish the guilty. However, as the sense of feud and the general clannish nature of the Sidhe became more prevalent the usage of Iron in assassinations became the favorite of many. This action is what pushed High King Nuada to finally outlaw the substance, and eventually led to the subsequent evolution of the Order of Iron.

Throughout the history of the High Kingdom the Order has acted as a center of narcotics and smuggling. With their members known as Ironmen or Ironwomen, the Order has its claws deep in every facet of Sidhe life. Many of the Ironmen in fact have trade agreements with foreign races in the movement of opium, and Iron into the High Kingdom with ease. Why they have not been destroyed by the Clanns or by the general authorities lies in the fact that even in the modern day, the Sidhe are still a vindicate race and still love to inflict horrible pain on others.

Within the Order, the Dark Lord is the decider and kingpin of the gang. The Clients act as sellers while the brownies are the labor. Ironmen gangs tend to be more economical and less violent than others, though they are very particular about territory and honor. The Ironmen also mark themselves in elaborately colored tattoos to show gang and Sept affiliation.

Art by Satibalzane


The Basic Wares

Each Gang within the Order often specializes in a strain of Opium, a mixture of Iron (the more pure the better) and a form of millbainne. No matter what the purer something is and the stronger it is the more expensive it is.

Example Prices:

  • Sky Iron – Six Ormarcs

  • A shot of Millbainne – Three Schillings

  • Bit of Opium Milk – One Marc

  • Smoking in an Opium Den – Five Marcs


Generally the usage of drugs is conducted in areas known simply as Iron Dens. Each den is overseen by a Client of the reigning gang who often employs whores and other types to keep the den moving. Dens are often frequented by those from any class. Being caught in a den is often considered a great loss of respect for those in the general world of the Sidhe.

Art by Mospineq

Containment of Iron

Iron to the Sidhe is a deadly poison material which can sicken and kill a Sidhe in minute it the iron breaks the skin or is ingested. The only way to remotely transport Iron is to keep it in a lead line box or leather bag inserted with lead. The strange dampening affect of lead only goes so far however. Progressive transport of iron can over time still lead to ill effects and iron sickness. The only way to properly prevent such issues is to not transport the materail at all (if you are  a Sidhe). This has often lead to several gangs to employing Aesir or other non-Sidhe for long term transport.

Art by kinnas


The Iron Code

There is a simple code of honor among the thieves and smugglers of the Iron Order.

  • Do not betray a brother

  • Do not speak to the Guards!

  • Never kill an innocent.

  • Never trade bad goods!


Those who break this simple code are often drowned or cut open and iron forcifully inserted into the wounds.