Seidr: Magic and Witchcraft of the Aesir

The land of the far north is home to terrible beasts and a race bound to the fate of othe world itself. Unlike some races, the Aesir are incapable of naturally connecting themselves to the power offered by the world tree. It is this reason that Aesir value the knowledge gifted to them by Odin when he hung himself for Nine Days on the trunk of Yggdrasil itself. From this pain Odin gain insight into the power known as fatebinding, or Seidr.

Seidr as a form of magic relies on a mixture of musical incantation, regent based spells, and usage of magical runes to accomplish its goals. The central basis of Sedir is the power to willfully enforce one’s desire and will upon the Wyrd itself. Through incantation a Seird-man or sorcerer can call upon fire, wind, or water. With a talisman made with runes and regents a sorcerer can bless lives or curse people.

The magical powers and abilities of Seidr can be categorized into the following types:

  • Craft – The ability to use regents and materials to render magical effects.

  • Runes – The ability to use the Elder Futhark to channel magical effects.

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The ability to use magic is based upon the time and years spent training to use it. the more time someone has to accumulate powerful Talismans the more ability in Incantation they have. The more time spent studying the Runes the greater magic one can achieve. For this reason skill in magic can be broken down into three levels of understanding:

  • Hedge Witch / Wizard – A low level magic user who has yet to really extend themselves beyond the most basic abilities of Seidr (Creating a fire potion, creating a wand that shocks people).

  • Apprentice – Someone who has been taken in by a standing Seidr user and is taught a few abilities in a chosen form of Seidr (Creating a runic ward against a few dangers, creating casting runes and doing basic divination).

  • Sorcerer / Sorceress – Someone who has risen to know several forms of Seidr and can produce large level effects (warding a hall from evil, inscribing a weapon to become an artifact, creating a powerful illusion potion).


To gain control of the powerful powers of Seidr takes years of study and learning. One must go to gather the regents needed for the Caft, or spend years sacrificing learning how to combine them.

The skill level of a given user of Seidr is based on years spent studying and learning from other users of northern witchcraft:

  • It takes five years of study to advance from no knowledge to Hedge magic Sedir, it then takes an additional five years (a total of ten) to advance a Hedge skill to that of Adept.

  • It takes ten years of study to advance an Adept level Seidr to Sorcerer level.


Example of magical advancement:

  • In 5 Years – Hedge Seidr in one ability.

  • In 10 Years – Hedge in two

  • In 15 Years – Hedge in three

  • In 20 Years – Adept in one, Hedge in two

  • In 25 Years – Adept in two, Hedge in one

  • In 30 Years – Adept in three

  • In 35 years – Adept in three

  • In 40 Years –  Sorcerer in one, adept in two

  • In 50 Years – Sorcerer in two, adept in one

  • In 60 years – Sorcerer in three



Craft is the most basic form of Seidr and is generally practiced by wise women, hedge witches or wizards and common folk. The higher form of Craft which is done to create Talismans or power ridden artifacts that take year to master. The basis of all Craft is the careful combination of ingredients known as regents. These regents can be broken down in the following forms:

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  • Herbs – Plants which are used to add nuance or flavor to Craft. A herb can turn an illusion potion into something that causes a nightmare or something that causes joy.

  • Body parts – From bones to organs, body parts are used with specific propties in mind. Organs are often used because of humors stored within, bone is used for the property of strength it implies, eyes allow for sight, and the heart for compassion.

  • Metals – Some metals are used to create the basic bonds of the craft. Iron is used to increase strength, copper as a conductor etc.

  • Woods – Certain woods impart magical properties. White Oak purifies, black oak causes illnesses.


A skill used of craft can then accomplish much using their skill in mixing and combining regents to create different effects. There are many things a Craft user can accomplish these include:

  • Curses – The ability to combine organic material or other items to enforce an ill fate upon a target or targets.

    • Curses of Perception – A curse that alters the users perception for a limited amount of time. (Hallucinations, nightmarish impages, lesses a target sense or senses).

    • Curses of Form – A curse that maliciously alters the users form (this requires a piece of hair or organic matter from the target).

    • Curse of Want – A curse that imparts a heavy desire (wishing to eat, or other needs) upon the target till they harm themselves.

  • Summoning – The ability to summoning and manipulate a something after invoking a regent created ritual.

    • Summon Fire – The ability to summon the element of fire.

    • Summon Wind – The ability to summon the element of wind.

    • Summon Water – The ability to summon the element of water.

    • Summon Animals – The ability to Summon one or more animals.

  • Potion – The ability to mix potions into an ingested or applied form for a target or user.

    • Form Potion – Potions that alter someone’s form to a limited or great degree.

    • Desire Potion – Potions that impart a sense of desire upon the user (love potion etc).

    • Resistance Potion – Potions that impart resistant to either a chosen element, or a curse for a short period of time.

    • Enhance Potion – Potions that enhance a bodily attribute or a user’s senses for a portion of time.

  • Weaves – The ability to weave magical abilities using regents into something that is worn (cloth and leather only).

    • Shaper Skins – Skins of animals that allow the user to take on the form of the animal in question.

    • Enhancing Weaves – These are items that increase senses, reflexes, and strength when worn. If damaged they cease to work.

  • Projection – The ability to use drug mixtures to induce a comatose state for limited amount of time.

    • Possession – The ability to use projection to take control of an animal or person (players must give permission before becoming possessed). Low level skill only lets the user see through the eyes of the target.

    • Astral Walk – The ability to traverse the “mirror world” of spiritsand look for spirits of the dead and commune with them.

    • Visions – The ability to untangle oneself momentarily from fate and see a bit of what could happen, or read the current fate of a target.


The power of the Elder Futhark Runes is quite great and the amount of time to learn such power is quite extensive. Futhark RUnes allow the ability to directly warp the fate of others using the runic alphabet won by Odin from his Nine Days of torture.

Art by KypcaHT

Runes are strange in that the level of skill implies the ability for the user to chain together a certain number of runes through careful concentration:

  • Hedge Magic – Can chain together up to three runes.

  • Adept – Can chain together up to five runes.

  • Sorcerer – Can chain together up to seven runes.


The usage of runes is split into foursdifferent forms:

  • Talismans – The ability to inscribe a short line of runes upon an object and then impart temporary magical effect upon it.

  • Incantation – The ability to sound out a chain of runes verbally (up to five) and impart a magical effect by linking the runes together.

  • Wards – The ability to permanently mark runes upon something usually in a defensive manner. May only be done on wood or stone or metal.

  • Dreyari – The ability to tattoo rune sequences upon ones body and then activate them one at a time via concentration. Note: Only accessible to Volvar and Gothi!


The Runes of the Futhark impart the following base powers:

  • Fehu – Rune of Control, allows for the ability to control and redirect energy.

  • Uruz- Rune of Passive Control, allows for bending of fate and can increased the chances of good fortune.

  • Thuriaz – Rune of Sanctuary, allows for the ability to resist and increase protection.

  • Ansuz – Rune of Stability, allows for increased stability, the ability to be unmoved to a degree and to solidify things.

  • Raidho – Rune of Focus, allows for the focus of thoughts, energy and force.

  • Kenaz – Rune of Knowing, allows for the ability to understand ideas and concepts generally beyond one’s reach.

  • Gebo – Rune of Connection, allows for the ability to connect foreign aspects together.

  • Wunjo – Rune of Balance, allows for the balance of energies and generally chaotic opposites.

  • Hagalaz – Rune of Water, allows the ability to summon water.

  • Naudhiz – Rune of Restriction, allows the ability to constrict or restrict a target.

  • Isa – Rune of Ice, allows the ability to regulate and change temperature.

  • Eihwaz – Rune of Redirection, allows the ability to ward against magical or energy based troubles.

  • Perdhro – Rune of Uncertainty, allows the ability to increase the Wyrd’s sense of chaos and bring about bad tidings.

  • Elhaz – Rune of Restraint, allows the ability to restrain energy.

  • Sowulo – Rune of Sigh, ability to see things that are generally beyond the reach of sight.

  • Teiwaz – Rune of Sacrifice, allows the ability to sacrifice energy or matter to increase chances of success and good fortune.

  • Berkana – Rune of Growth, allows the ability to increase something in size or grow something.

  • Ehwaz – Rune of Flow, allows the ability to sense the flow of time, the flow of events, and may be used with divination to a point.

  • Mannanz – Rune of Mind, allows for the ability of mental fortitude and endurance.

  • Laguz – Rune of Direction, allows for the ability to track where something is going, and the direction something is heading.

  • Inguz – Rune of Spreading, allows the ability to spread energy, thought, and liquid matter.

  • Dagaz – Rune of Light, allows the ability to create and dispel light.

  • Othala – Rune of Preservation, allows the ability to preserve objects, and matter or to store energy.


Weapons of the Wyrd

Wyrd Weapons are the Aesir form of Artifacts and follow a similar process as the ones created by teh Sidhe. The big difference here is that Wyrd Weapons have a much stranger aspect to them that they often affect the destiny of those who wield them. This in turn can have a negative effect upon the user. This affect is known as the Creeping Wyrd, and is often also results in strange weaknesses being applied to teh weapon.

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To create a Wyrd Weapon a smith or magic user must take the follow precautions:

  • The materials for the weapon must be gathered and carefully purified ritualistically in a sacred place of the Regin.

  • The primary material of the item must be wood or metal, or a form of mineral base (clay or ceramics would work).

  • The smith must prepare a lengthy runic inscrption for the item.

  • The Smith ust then purify him or herself before beginning the process of forging and creating the item.

  • The item must be prepared and craft over a period of time. Finally it be must be blessed by a Volvar or a Gothi to prevent it from becoming too cursed.

  • The item must bear a name on it in Old Futhark.


Cursed often implied by Wyrd Weapons include:

  • The user of the weapon finds themselves increasingly facing danger as enemies seem to be drawn toward them.

  • The user faces increasing failure in their endeavors.

  • The item causes the eventual death of all who use it.

  • The item causes the user to mutate into a lowly creature or other things.


Wyrd Weapons must also meet these requirements:

  • All Wyrd Weapons must be approved by a member of the Staff.

  • Any abuse of the Wyrd Weapon or of the Rules in general will result in loss of the Wyrd Weapon.

  • A Sidhe may possess only one Artifact at a time.


Creating the Powers of the Wyrd Weapon

When you create a Wyrd Weapon you must decide what level of Magical Item you are creating. The more powerful the Wyrd Weapon the longer it will take to create, the more powerful or the more varied the curse. Use the basic criteria of a magical item, if it has several powers it will likely be a higher ranked item; items with one minuscule power are likely going to be low ranked.

When you create the items think of the follow:

  • What magical effect or effect does the item have?
  • Level of Seidr skill does it possess?
  • How many effects does it have?
  • What type of item is it and what are the materials.

Once you have covered that create a basic description of your item, how old it is, or how you wish to make it. A staff member will then give you the basics of what is required to make, locate or have the item. They will also include the rank of the item once they approve it.