Historical Lands and Peoples

Throughout the lengthy history of Altear there have lost lands and extinction of tribes that resulted from war or disaster. Some of these groups were not really lost, but were isolated or went into hiding. The most legendary of these are the lost Clanns of Prydai. Others include the mysterious Fomori which are said to still haunt the lands of Cels today.


The Lost Land of Prydain

Prydain was the very first home of the Sidhe, a land they thought would be the Kingdom promised to them by their mother. The Tuatha De Danann settled in the verdant valleys of the Prydain Mountains were thick with mist and lonely woods. Many years were spent in the lost land, with each grouping of villages slowly forming into independent tribes that would all fal under the sovereignty of Prince Nuada. For years the chieftains ruled the tribes and times were good. This was when the worship of Danu had yet to blossom under the will of the druids. It was a time of pure adventure and discovery.

In the early days of Prydain there was little argument between the rulers of the tribes and the Prince. It was a time when magic was still young for the Tribes of Danu and they had yet begun to full fathom their divine heritage.

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However, the peace of the Valleys would only to remain for a time. The nature of the Sidhe is one of division and debate. Even in the early days there was disagreement over not only who should rule them all (those who questioned Nuada as Prince), but also the ideal of rulership in general. This bickering would slowly rise slowly among the tribes in a manner that would steadily dismember the unity that had once existed among the Tuatha De Danann. The bickering soon led to feuding and eventually a fissure formed among the tribes.

Eventually a majority of the Tuatha De Danann left over the Highmist mountains and founded the lands of Cels. Those that remained became the Prydainii or the Pictii, the painted folk fo the deep valleys of forgotten Prydain.


The Fomori and the Firbolg

The Fomori were a tribe of vicious warriors and sorcerers who claim descend from some unknown patron. The Fomori were led by the Immortal sovereign, King Balor of the Burning Eye. When the Sidhe first arrived in the lands of Cels, they had an uneasy truce and life living alongside the the Fomori. Unike the Sidhe, the Fomori were not at all allergic to Iron, and they were far less skilled in metalworking, and art than the children of Danu. This jealously for the skill of Sidhe would eventually lead to the Fomori taking their neighbors first as servants and later as slaves.

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The tension between the two tribes would continue till finally Prince weoul become maied in a battle with another tribal lord, Sreng, of the Fir Bolg tribe. in that instance Balor enacted a horendous raid upon the Sidhe capital fortress and put them under rule of his son Elatha. The War of Old thus began with the first battle of Mag Tuireadh on the fields of Eire result ing the defeat of the Sidhe. It was after this that Goibhniu crafted the great Silver-Arm and granted a magical sword to Prince Nuada. Now along with the son of Balor, Lugh of the Sun, the Sidhe tribes tried to entreat with balor, but during the parley the giant lord used the magic of his eye to nearly kill Nuada.

During the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh Lugh slew his father while Prince Nuada behead the monster. Afterward the giant Fomori were put to the sword, by the greatness of the Sidhe. For centuries it was believed that the Fomori were dead. However, rumors still tell of the descendants of the Fomori simply called the Fomor still dwell among the Sidhe seeking vengeance for their lost land. The Fir Bolg left the lands of Cels after the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, heading over the ice sea to dwell in the enchanted lands of Mag Mell.


The Jotnar of the Wastes

Many years ago from the corrupted black ice from when the world of Altear was made. Their forms would be similar to the feared Fomori of the south, and some to this day theorize the two tribes were directly related. For many years the Jotnar dwelt in the northern wastes in scattered clans and bands. These giants harassed the Aesir of old and for centuries the warriors of the north battled the great giants in the land known as Jotunland. It was the Jotnar who assailed the original capital of the Holds in Asgard and nearly wiped out the Aesir during the battle of Ragnarok. After Odin Allfather and his folk were slain only leaving a few remnants that would become the modern Aesir

For years afterward the settlers of the Northern Holds battled the Jotnar. In 230 ATA the last known members of the Jotnar clans were put to the sword. Some survivors marry into the modern Aesir peoples giving them their great height and strength.

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